Table Mountain Cableway specials

Table Mountain Cableway specials

Summer is the best time to enjoy the Cableway's many special offers.

A ride up our famous cable car is possibly one of the very best ways to experience Cape Town, and yet it’s on the bucket list of many Capetonians, who have yet to experience the thrill. There’s no time like the present to take advantage of the wonderful specials:

  • The Sunset Special – a 50% discount on the cost of a regular ticket, meaning adults pay R127.50 per ticket and children pay R62.50. Tickets are only available from 6pm on the day of the ride and from the Lower Cableway Ticket Office, so call ahead to see if the weather is suitable. (This special is available from 1 November to 18 December 2016 and from 4 January to 29 February 2017.)
  • The Birthday Special – a free adult return ride for all SA citizens over 18 on the day of your birthday. Don’t forget to bring your ID (to prove it’s your birthday). This ticket is valid for 7 days after your birthday.
  • Senior Citizens Special – discounted tickets for those 60 and over (ID required) on Fridays only. Also available for seniors is a meal special from Table Mountain Café. (R100 return; R53 one-way)
  • Student Special – discounted tickets for local and international students on Fridays only. Just produce your student card as proof. (R130 return; R70 one-way)

Cost R255 (adults return)
R135 (adults one-way)
R125 (children 4 – 17 years return)
R65 (children 4 – 17 years one-way)
R100 (SA senior citizens return; Fridays only at ticket office)
R53 (SA senior citizens one-way; Fridays only at ticket office)
R130 (students return; Fridays only at ticket office)
R70 (students one-way; Fridays only at ticket office)

We recommend that you call the Table Mountain Aerial Cableway on the day you’d like to ride to make sure the weather is playing along. On days with strong winds, all trips are cancelled.




R65 – R255 (depending on package) Book tickets online


The Inside Guide has made every effort to ensure that the information in this post was correct at the time of publication. However, we do not assume any liability caused by errors, such as price, cost, time, and location.

Time of publication: 10 November 2015

20 Responses to “Table Mountain Cableway specials”

  1. Val Kemp

    Good day
    I was just looking at the price for going up the mountain, and am absolutely astounded that locals have to pay such a lot of money. Just to go up costs R710-00 for father, mother, and two kids, and then one has not even bought a cold drink or had a bite to eat.

    Is there not some way that locals, viz. South Africans, can go up the mountain at a cheaper rate than R240 per adult and R115 per child?

    This is most unaffordable for most people, especially in today’s economic climate.

    Please can you advise what other options we have?

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Val

      Yes, it does seem a bit steep…
      Your options would be to go at sunset, which is half price. Or, on one of your birthdays, which is free.
      Good luck.

  2. Melissa

    Hi there,
    You state that the birthday special is a free ride, “in the month of your birthday.” Is this correct? As far as I knew, it was on the day of your birthday only, has this changed?
    Many thanks

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Melissa

      You’re quite right. It is only valid on the day of your birthday. It would be rather convenient if it was for the whole month!


      • felicity

        is the birthday special only valid on the day of your birthday ? what is the story of the ticket being valid for 7 days after your birthday . please verify

        • The Inside Guide

          Hi Felicity

          You’re through to The Inside Guide. You’d need to check that information with the Cableway itself – details on the left-hand side.

  3. Janice

    Good day, i would like to know if the sunset special will be available for the june/july holidays?

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Janice
      You’re through to The Inside Guide.
      You will need to contact the Cable Way directly for that information (details on the righthand side).
      Good luck.

  4. Robin

    Hi. with regards to the special on the day of ones birthday. If the weather doesn’t play along and the cable car is not operating on the day, can I go on another day? Regards.

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Robin

      You are through to The Inside Guide. You would need to check with the Cableway about that. Their details are on the righthand side. Enjoy!

  5. Yolanda


    I would like to find out if there’s perhaps a special price for a group of learners. As we are looking to bring the Grade 5 learners to the mountain.


    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Yolanda

      You’d need to contact the Cableway directly (details on the righthand side).

    • Alice Rochelle Snell

      Good day, I’d like to know, how do I go about for special rates for groups of children, coming from less privileged area, like Clarke Estate, Elsies river and Uitsig. It sadness me, we have all this beautiful scenery, and then there is children in our community who never will probably never get the opportunity to visit these sites. Myself only had this opportunity when I reach adulthood, and could go up, paying for the special, 1adult and 2 children. It really would nice, to see the faces of these children, when they get the opportunity to be on top of the mountain, they see everyday from a distance. I hope and pray that this dre

      • The Inside Guide

        Hi Alice
        You are through to The Inside Guide. I suggest you email the Cableway directly (contact details on the righthand side). I do believe they have some winter specials on. Good Luck.

  6. Amanda

    Hi, I want to book tickets for my family, I read about the special offer that ends at the end of October, how do I go about? When I try online the tickets price is not R130 and free ride for 1 child.

  7. Cind

    Hie do children under the age of four pay

  8. ray

    I see the seniors special of R100 on a Friday but what is the seniors meal special at the TM Cafe?

  9. Alinah

    Hi i just want to know if this sunset price is the return price R127.50 because we as friends we plainning to go there on the 18 February 2017

  10. Alinah

    Hi i just want to know if this sunset price is the return price R127.50 because we as friends we plainning to go there on the 18 February 2017

  11. Gill Bowley

    A friend turned 80 yesterday. She came to the cable station with some friends to get her free ride. They had to leave with out the promised treat because it is not possible for Seniors to queue for hours. So is it not possible to redeem this situation by allowing birthday treats also to book on line? And for that matter the Seniors Friday treat, can that also PLEASE be booked on line? Please consider these requests. thanks Gill.


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