The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Cape Town

Being healthy and green has never tasted so good.

Raw-food restaurants and health cafés are slowly but surely sprouting across the Mother City, bringing tasty vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals, raw, cold-pressed juices, specialised teas, nutritious smoothies and awesome superfoods with them.

We’ve compiled a list of some great places that cater specially for vegan and vegetarians and/or serve organic, plant-based meals and drinks. As always, if we’ve left one of your favourites out, please add it in the comments below.

1. Scheckter’s Raw

Scheckters Raw, Best Vegan
What A raw, organic, vegan and vegetarian restaurant that serves plant-based and nutrient-loaded food, cold-pressed juices, organic coffees and teas, and dairy-, sugar- and gluten-free sweet treats.
The food Vegan and vegetarian, but organic raw honey is in some dishes (which can be substituted for organic agave nectar).
Healthy objectives
Scheckter’s Raw has already taken Cape Town by storm with its healing gourmet food that nourishes mind, body and soul. Inspired by his health-food obsession and cuisines he encountered on his overseas travels, owner Toby Scheckter aims to fulfil your raw-food needs in a serene, yet buzzy atmosphere.
We love the Golden Mylk (R55): activated nut mylk with turmeric, cinnamon, dates, coconut oil, black pepper) and its Quinoa, Kale, Hemp Seed and Macadamia Cheese Salad (R80).
Opening times
Tuesday to Sunday, 8am – 4pm
Contact 021 434 1364,
Where to find it 98 Regent Street, Sea Point, Cape Town

2.  Kind Café & Deli

Kind Cafe & Deli, Best Vegan
Image credit: Robyn Britz

What Situated in Walmer Estate, this small neighbourhood café and deli serves a purely vegan menu that’s constantly changing and improving. One thing stays the same, though: delicious readymade sandwiches, baked goods, soups and sweet treats (such as the tasty cupcakes and chocolate brownies).
The food Vegan-friendly.
Don’t miss
their Lentil Soup and Roast Veg, Couscous and Hummus Bowl.
Opening times
Monday – Friday, 8am – 4pm
Saturday, 9am – 2pm
Contact 072 435 1360
Where to find it Corner of Chester and Milan Roads, Walmer Estate, Cape Town

3. Raw and Roxy Café

Raw and Roxy Cafe, Best Vegan
Image credit: stephsalads

What A specialist vegan restaurant that offers raw meals rich in nutrients.
The food Vegan- and vegetarian-friendly, but honey is served in certain dishes.
Insider info
Fifteen years ago, founder Beatrice Holst turned her life around when she switched to raw veganism. Now, she’s out to share her ample raw food and health knowledge with the public through Raw & Roxy Café.
Healthy objectives Using superfoods (spirulina, chaga and coconut oil), fresh fruit and organic vegetables, she prepares raw food that contains zero animal and dairy products or seafood.
Good to know The café also offers detox boxes, event catering and raw food “un-cooking” classes (on Monday and Thursday evenings).
Don’t miss the Raw Vegan Sushi (R75): avocado, cucumber, cauliflower (instead of rice), served with a delicious tamari sauce.
Opening times
Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Saturday, 10am – 4pm
Contact 079 599 6277,
Where to find it 8 Bree Street, Cape Town

4. Spirit Café

Spirit Cafe, Best Vegan Restaurants
What A health restaurant and café at Constantia Village that serves breakfast, light meals, coffee, drinks and, of course, vegan- and vegetarian-friendly food and drinks. With its chilled energy and cosy setting, the café’s menu includes energy-boosting choices, such as Breakfast for Conquerors, Luncheon Munchin’ and Lip Smackin’ Smoothies, in addition to its daily salad buffet.
The food Vegan and vegetarian options are available, but animal products (salmon, eggs and raw honey) are used in certain dishes.
Don’t miss
the (vegetarian) Farmhouse Breakfast (R67): eggs, avo/haloumi, stir-fried greens and gluten-free toast. The (vegan) Chia Pot (R45) – maca and hemp soaked in coconut milk – is a winner.
Opening times
Monday – Friday, 7.30am – 4.30pm
Saturday and public holidays, 8.30am – 2pm
Contact 021 795 0167,
Where to find itShop 10A on the Square, Constantia Village Courtyard, Constantia, Cape Town

5. Whole Earth Café

Whole Earth Cafe – Best Vegetarian
What This health restaurant in the scenic coastal village of Scarborough offers a little of something for everyone: vegans, gluten-intolerant people and raw eaters are sure to find something on the delicious menu. Owner and general manager Aura Kolnik has successfully managed to incorporate first-world hospitality and healthy food trends into the relaxed and rustic Scarborough scene.
The food Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options are available, but organic meat, salmon and free-range eggs are served.
Healthy objectives
The restaurant uses seasonal, organic and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and uses pasture-fed meat and free-range chicken and eggs. There offer a wide variety of vegan options, too.
Good to know All the drinks and smoothies are served in recyclable biodegradable containers.
You must try the Bagel Veggie Burger (with vegan cashew-nut cream cheese, tomato chutney and basil pesto) and the fresh, cold-pressed Root Juice.
Opening times
Monday, 8.30am – 5pm
Wednesday – Sunday, 8.30am – 5pm
Open on public holidays
Contact 021 780 1138,
Where to find it 257 Main Road, Scarborough, Cape Town

6. Saucisse Deli
Saucisse Deli, Best Vegan

Image credit: Mariusz Szczawinski

What A modern speciality meat and cheese deli, whose owners are committed to being green in every sense of the word. While it’s not an all-out vegan or vegetarian restaurant, it caters to all dietary requirements.
The food Vegan and vegetarian options are available, especially on Green Monday when the menu is plant-based. Cheese and meat products are served.
Insider info
Chef and foodie Amanda Lewis has successfully fulfilled her dream of owning and running her own eatery that is committed to environmentally friendly and ethically sourced products. As such the deli only uses free-range meat, organic, locally sourced and produced goods, and supports fair trade.
Read our review of  Deli here.
We love the Vegan Heaven Breakfast (R75): avocado halves, roasted cherry tomatoes, lemon spinach, wild mushrooms and humus, with toasted Macadamia rye bread) – and their cappuccino with almond milk (R23).
Opening times
Monday  – Friday, 8am  – 4.30pm
Saturday, 8am  – 2.30 pm
Contact 021 447 7177,
Where to find it Unit A 112, The Old Biscuit Mill, Woodstock

7. Govinda’s Natural Food Café

Govindas Natural Food Cafe, Best Vegan
Image credit:

What A 100% vegetarian natural food café that serves lacto-vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes.This city café with Indian accents offers visitors a pleasant space in which to enjoy quality vegetarian food that’s reasonably priced. Touted by some as Rondebosch’s best-kept secret, Govinda’s serves wholesome, unfussy, excellent food that includes rotis and chickpea fudge.
The food Lacto-vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
Don’t miss
the chickpea fudge and chickpea balls with tomato sauce.
Opening times
Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 6pm
Sunday, 12pm – 4pm
Contact 021 685 8384,
Where to find it Hare Krishna Temple, 17 St Andrews Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town

8. Addis in Cape Ethiopian Restaurant

Addis in Cape Ethiopian, Best Vegan
Image credit: Good Eatings

What An African restaurant that serves (mostly) traditional, flavourful Ethiopian meals. It caters for vegans and vegetarians, and its menu is halaal and gluten-free.
The food A special vegan and vegetarian lunch menu is available, but halaal meat and animal products are served.
Interesting info
Named after the warm African city of Addis Ababa where the owner grew up, this is your ticket to Ethiopia in the Mother City. Soak up the atmosphere while enjoying your food at the mesob (a traditional woven basket-like table).
Don’t miss the August special: a Vegan Lunch Platter (R60).
Opening times
Monday – Saturday, 12pm – 10.30pm
Contact 021 424 5722,
Where to find it 41 Church Street, Corner of Long and Church Street, Cape Town

9. Nü Health Food Café

Nu Health Food Cafe, Best Vegan
Image credit:

What A health-food spot that follows global food trends and uses good-quality local produce.  The relaxed interior makes provides an inviting atmosphere in which to enjoy healthy breakfasts salads, soups and juices.
The food Vegans and vegetarians and those with food allergies/intolerances are catered for, but free-range meat, honey and animal products are served.
Don’t miss
The Restorer – as a chopped salad or low-GI multigrain wrap.
Opening times
Monday – Friday, 7am – 7pm
Saturday, 7am – 7pm
Sunday, 7.30 am – 6pm
Contact 021 439 7269,
Where to find it Shop 3, Piazza St John, 395 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town

10. Elixir Café

Elixir Cafe, Best Vegan
Image credit: Vanessa Clark

What An organic vegetarian and vegan café that offers a wide assortment of speciality teas, raw cold-pressed juices, yogi lassies, superfood smoothies, vegan-friendly rotis, pastries and gluten-free baked goods.
The food Purely vegan and vegetarian.
Healthy objectives
This cosy Cape Town café, with its warm wooden décor, promotes a healthy lifestyle through organic eating and, of course, incorporating antioxidant-rich and preservative-free superfoods into our diets.
You must order their Organic Vegan Rooti (R40) or delicious Chocolate Smoothie (R40).
Opening times
8.00am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
8.00am – 3.30pm (Saturday)
Closed on Sunday and public holidays
Contact 076 768 0733,
Where to find it 120 Bree Street, Cape Town

11. O’Ways Teacafe

O'Ways Tea Cafe, Best Vegan
What O’ways shares its love of life through good coffee, soothing tea and nourishing food. It’s the go-to teahouse, coffeeshop and restaurant for office workers (and vegans) in the area. Ask owner Lisa about the symbolism of the O’ways logo, as you tuck into natural food in this serene space.
The food Animal products are served but vegans and vegetarians are catered for.
We recommend
the har gau with mixed seasonal vegetables (R62).
Don’t leave without ordering a slice of cheesecake to take home.
Opening times  
Monday to Friday, 7.30am5pm
Saturday and public holidays, 9am  2pm
Contact 021 671 2850,
Where to find it Shop 2, Heritage House, 20 Dreyer Street, Claremont, Cape Town

12.  Zucchini’s

Zucchini's, Best Vegan
What A vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurant in the heart of the Mother City, this pocket-sized restaurant on Loop Street offers tasty meals that are freshly made each day. Options include pastas, freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches, smoothies, heart-warming soups, curries and delicious desserts.
The food Vegetarian- and vegan-friendly.
You must order
the Stacked Spinach Pancake.
Don’t leave without stocking up on healthy sweet treats, such as the nutty seed crunchies and chickpea fudge.
Opening times Monday to Friday, 8am – 4pm
Contact 021 424 8571/082 718 2503,
Where to find it 83 Loop Street, Cape Town

We also rate

  • Yoffi Falafel (Muizenberg)
  • Wellness Cafe (Gardens)
  • Cafe Frank (Bree Street; Century City)
  • Crush Fresh Food Cafe & Juice Bar (St George’s Mall)
  • Dear Me (Longmarket Street, CBD)
  • Pulp Kitchen (Gardens, Willowbridge)
  • Inside & You’re Out (IYO) (Bree Street)
  • Nooka (City Varsity Building, 20 Roeland Street)
  • Maharajah (Rondebosch)
  • Aniyor Bakery & Cafe (De Waterkant)
  • Unframed Ice Cream – NEW (Kloof Street)

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The Inside Guide has made every effort to ensure that the information in this post was correct at the time of publication. However, we do not assume any liability caused by errors, such as price, cost, time, and location.

Time of publication: 10 August 2016

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  1. Roscoe Samuels

    If dining out is not your thing. Please check out The Yummy Vegan Food & Co. Fresh Frozen Meals.

  2. Mary Leinberger

    Yes the Baxter restaurant should top the list. Also irritated by inclusion of non –
    vegetarian places on the list. The Hungry Herbivore is new (ish) on Bree Street. It’s vegan and has delicious food.

  3. Charmaine

    I keep scrolling…hoping to find ZUCCHINI’s…the best ever take-out.

  4. Sarah

    Check out Nomad on Bottlery road. Amazing veg and vegan food.

  5. Tasmin

    Great restaurants but why isn’t my best Orchard on Long hasn’t been listed here too?

  6. Lauren

    In response to two peoples comments that “but we felt that the CT market is too small to have separated raw/organic/vegan. Hope we didn’t cause you too much confusion.” the size of CT should not have an effect on writing a misleading article. Vegan is vegan and vegetarian is vegetarian and in both instances they don’t eat meat….Most people are vegan/vegetarian for ethical reasons so having restaurants that have meat on them not only does cause confusion but also may offend some people …..especially if they make an effort to go to a restaurant suggested only to find out I they are not in fact vegan/vegetarian

  7. Kathryn Aronson

    “Plant ” in Cape Town central

  8. Karabo

    Thank you for sharing. Will surely go and visit with friends.

  9. Shona MacDonald

    Also Spirit Cafe in Costantia Village run by Kate Ball. Check out this months Fair Lady for an article on this amazing lady and her food!

  10. K

    What about SpiritCafé in Constantia???Should definitely be one this list!

  11. Raphaella

    Most definitely Orchard on Long – world class !!!!

  12. tracy

    bearing in mind that vegans don’t only hang out exclusively with other vegans,it’s nice to know of places that suit everyone’s needs. great article!

  13. Stefan

    Orchard juice bar not listed here?

  14. John

    Where’s Orchard on Long?????!

  15. Andre BrinkBrinkd

    This article is slightly misleading. It would be better to do a separate listing for organic restaurants. Organic is not vegetarian nor vegan. It espouses the full utilisation of all creatures in the production of food.

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Andre
      Thanks for your comments. Perhaps we should have called the article Best Health Food Restaurants… but we felt that the CT market is too small to have listed raw/organic/vegan separately.Hope we didn’t cause you too much confusion.

  16. Samantha Reynolds

    The title of this post is misleading as 4 of the restaurants are neither vegetarian nor vegan (sexy foods serves eggs and beef burgers, Nu, saucisse deli + Addis serve animal products.

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Samantha
      Thanks for taking time to comment. We probably would have done better to call the article Best Health Food Restaurants… but we felt that the CT market is too small to have separated raw/organic/vegan. Hope we didn’t cause you too much confusion.

  17. Ilze

    Thanks for the mention of Dear Me.

  18. Laura Germishuys

    You forgot Nomad in Stellenbosch! Vegan cheeses for the pizzas, and all round great food. Also vegan desserts!

  19. Zarah Z.

    I have been to numbers 2, 4, 5, and 9 on the list – highly recommend each of them!!
    And another favourite – Mary-Ann’s “Natural Way Cafe and Factory Shop” in Gordon’s Bay – THE best vegan buffet ever – you won’t be sorry 😉

    • Mark Shearer

      Thanks for the kind words Zarah.. I am sorry we were not invited into this list. Maybe because we are too far out.

  20. Tracy

    Nooka also serves the best hummus is CT, their lentil falafel is other worldly and the salads are actual meals!

  21. Loraine Kopman-Abel

    Nooka is really special, their shakshuka is the best in Cape town, we believe. I have been to Plant, and although I am not vegan but vegetarian, it has its good and bad plates…..if anyone finds themselves in Palma de Mallorca, PLEASE go to Bagel, a chic coffee and breakfast/lunch shop run by two Cape Town boys who are vegans, and personal friends, and who patronise Plant when they are in Cape Town. And let me know if you go there, please!

    • Casey

      This is not the correct list of vegetarian restaurant you have not included the maharajah vegetarian restaurant and take-away in Rondebosch as well as the Baxter theatre restaurant this should be the no.1 vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Cape Town. Please publish the correct information. Thank you

      • The Inside Guide

        Thanks for your opinions Casey. As with most reviews and Best Of lists, it’s all rather subjective. When he did the reviews, these were the restaurants/cafés that impressed us the most. We will most certainly consider your suggestions in the future when we update the post.

    • Samantha du Toit

      Hi Loraine
      Wow what a very small world it is! My husband and I were in Palma in June and discovered Bagel by chance…loved it so went back a second time with my Dad (who lives in Palma). We noticed a big change re. veggie/vegan offerings this time around which was great & quite surprising considering how the Spanish love their jamon!