Cape Comoot’s Safe and Cheap Shuttles come to Cape Town

Cape Comoot’s Safe and Cheap Shuttles come to Cape Town

At last! Affordable, safe, clean and reliable transport in the Mother City.

Hooray, Cape Town! Finally, there’s a new and very exciting public transport operator/shuttle service provider in town offering safe, reliable, affordable and convenient transport.

Cape Comoot launches its first trips on 1 June 2017, allowing eager travellers (tourists and local alike) to travel to far-out spots around the Western Cape, such as Franschhoek and Cape Point for just R99 per single trip!

Affordable quality

Cape Comoot looks set to become the city’s cheapest shuttle service and, as travellers and tourists themselves, its founders, Martin Bo Nielsen and Yolandie Le Grange (both of Cape Town Free Walking Tours), understand the need for reliable, yet affordable public transport when you travel.

Whether you currently travel by car, use Uber, or rely on the city’s less-than-ideal public transport systems, you’ll know that if commuting is cheap, it comes with other disadvantages and can be unsafe. And when it’s safe and reliable, it’s usually pricey… Which is where Cape Comoot comes into the picture.

The service is also going to offer tourists a cheaper and an easier way to travel around the Cape. According to Martin, Cape Town has indeed become a mainstream tourist destination – but nowadays, tourists expect to encounter the same kind of service, facilities and convenience found in other major global cities like London, Tokyo or Paris when it comes to easy, safe and affordable transport systems – and that is precisely what Cape Comoot intends to supply.

And before you worry that the cheap tariffs mean that quality will be compromised, fear not! Cape Comoot has a carefully sourced network of drivers, all of whom are in possession of reliable, quality shuttles, complete with air conditioning, free wi-fi, and cellphone charging stations. There are even a few wheelchair-friendly vehicles, too (though you will need to call ahead and confirm this in advance).

How it all works 

For the time being, Cape Comoot will have collection points in Green Market Square (corner of Shortmarket and Burg Street), in Franschhoek (near the Franschhoek Wine Tram ticket office), and at Cape Point (near the wooden sign of Cape Point’s main parking lot) – although they have plans for expansion, with destinations like Stellenbosch and Hermanus in mind at this stage.

Shuttle drivers will be present at these three locations with a Cape Comoot umbrella, making them easily identifiable to passengers.

Tickets (which are a standard cost of R99 for children and adults alike, per one-way trip) can only be booked on Cape Comoot’s website via credit/debit cards (so don’t expect to pitch up on the day and pay with cash or card).

Also, if you need to bring some luggage for an overnight stay, Cape Comoot shuttles will have space for small onboard suitcases and travel bags, but not for anything bulky!

The first bookings for Cape Comoot opened on 4 May, with the first trips commencing on 1 June 2017 and to start off, there will be two daily departure times for each location, but these will soon increase.

Opening times 9am, 3pm (Greenmarket Square – Franschhoek departure times)
8am, 1pm (Greenmarket Square – Cape Point departure times)
Contact 076 066 5107,
Cost R99 (one way trip)
Book tickets


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Time of publication: 11 May 2017

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  1. Santa Ellis

    Wonderfull news

  2. Sandy Doyle

    Another wonderful Cape Town initiative. Good luck guys!

  3. Lizette

    This 8s great news. I look forward to using this service.

  4. Gideon

    Totally messing up the industry!
    This is what the transportation board needs to regulate before giving permits out.

  5. Lallie Pillay

    This is wonderful news for people wanting to travel out of cape town
    Would love to use the Cape Point n Hermanus trips


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