Covid-19 Charities: Local Causes That Need Your Help

Covid-19 Charities: Local Causes That Need Your Help

If you’d like to help those in need, here's how (and who) you can help.

At the risk of stating the obvious, the scale and speed of Covid-19’s transmission has surpassed all expectations, with lockdowns being implemented across the globe to try and flatten the curve and contain its spread.

In South Africa, the lockdown – while absolutely essential – has had a severe impact on the economy; it’s knock-on effect hitting the poorest sectors of the population hardest and leaving many without food and essential items.

If you would like to get involved and offer help to those in need, this list of organisations is a great place to start.

Do you know of any other causes needing assistance during this time? Let us know in the comments below.

How would you like to help?

Food + basic essentials
Awareness + medical support
Animal welfare

Food + basic essentials

Boschendal and the Pebbles Project

Covid 19 Charities: Tears Animal Rescue

About the cause This premier Winelands destination just outside of Franschhoek, in conjunction with The Pebbles Project, has joined forces with local community partners to provide 6 000 people with meals each week. They are also focused at supporting education and assisting with hygiene and sanitation in surrounding disadvantaged areas.
How to help Donate to the Pebbles Project and help Boschendal (along with many other community partners) assist those in need.
Donate now

Breadline Africa

Covid 19 Charities: Breadline Africa

About the cause This nonprofit organisation, which supports childhood development and community upliftment across South Africa, is currently bringing food to hungry children who do not have access to meals that would otherwise be provided to them at school. They’re also working on school infrastructure for use after lockdown.
How to help Make a donation of your choice and assist Breadline Africa in providing over 40 000 meals to children across the Western Cape.
Contact 021 418 0322,
Donate now


Covid 19 Charities: Courage

About the cause This innovative crisis-management organisation was founded by passionate Hout Bay locals, David and Lea Froman, to provide vulnerable households in the Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg communities with food parcels and essential items during the lockdown. In addition to raising funds for the cause, their sustainable food-supply system will be able to continue long after lockdown has ended.
How to help Purchase a selection of essential items for drop-off at one of their bins outside Pick n Pay and other select grocers, volunteer by setting up collection bins, packing food and delivering parcels, or simply make a donation online.
Good to know Join their virtual auction scheduled for Saturday, 30 May 2020, and purchase a selection of fine art, wines, spirits and even holidays for a good cause.
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Constantia CAN

Covid 19 Charities: Constantia CAN

About the cause This community action network distributes groceries, bulk food, hot meals and sandwich loaves to at-risk neighbourhoods. Their latest initiative is a food drive for Khayelitsha Site B, with the hope of raising R250 000 by 30 June 2020 for local families in need.
How to help Make a donation of your choice to support the food drive, or donate R100 to feed a child in Khayelitsha for a month, or R600 to feed a family in Khayelitsha for a month.
Contact 082 577 2128,
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Corona Care

Covid 19 Charities: Corona Care

About the cause Corona Care is an online platform aimed at connecting locals who wish to help those in need, with the on-the-ground organisations focused on providing support where possible during the current Covid-19 pandemic.
How to help Make a donation or supply necessary essential products. If you are an NPO seeking support, you can reach out to Corona Care directly and they will put you in touch with those looking to assist.
Contact 072 378 7396,
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Feed SA

Covid 19 Charities: Feed SA

About the cause This NPO provides food and education to, and is involved in community-development projects in, underprivileged areas. They are currently able to feed around 6 500 people a day, having successfully produced 35 crèches, multiple feeding schemes and classroom set-ups in the townships. Feed SA is currently seeking donations to continue feeding those in need during the Covid-19 crisis.
How to help Make a donation of your choice online.
Contact or
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Food Flow

Covid 19 Charities: Food Flow

About the cause Food Flow supports the work of small-scale farmers, by purchasing their homegrown produce and feeding it back into their affected communities, thereby allowing them to earn an income at this time.
How to help Make a donation and sponsor a bag of nutritious produce for a needy family, while supporting local small-scale farms.
Good to know For every four bags of produce sponsored, you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a fine-dining meal at either FYN, Janse & Co, Table Seven, Reverie Social Table, The Table at De Meye or Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia.
Contact 072 855 1371,
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Food Forward SA

Covid 19 Charities: Food Forward SA

About the cause This national organisation feeds the hungry by procuring good-quality surplus – from retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers and farmers – that is then redistributed across beneficiary organisations who then distribute it to over 255 000 people in need daily.
How to help Donate fresh produce and groceries or make a cash donation online.
Contact 021 531 5670,
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Steenberg at Home

Covid-19 Charities: Steenberg at Home

About the cause Steenberg Executive Chef Kerry Kilpin and her team have joined hands with Westlake Worship Centre to deliver 3 000 nourishing, hot meals per month to needy children, adults and elderly people affected by Covid-19.
How to help Place your take-home food order with Steenberg at Home and three meals will be donated. You can also contact Pastor Franklin directly to help the self-funded community and religious organisation.
Contact 021 712 7695 or 083 727 5813 (Pastor Franklin)

Green Guerrillas

Covid 19 Charities: Green Guerrillas

About the cause This organisation is working towards setting up a self-sustaining organic farm in the Masiphumelele township, aimed at growing high-nutrient-dense food that will feed 40 000 people in the densely populated area. They have already made great progress, but need your help to see completion on this project that will have longevity long after lockdown has ended.
How to help Make a donation online to contribute to necessary equipment and resources.
Contact 021 785 6817,
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Heart NPO

Covid 19 Charities: Heart NPO

About the cause Based in Paarl, this organisation is aimed at sustainable socio-economic relief for vulnerable communities within the Drakenstein area. This currently includes supporting and organising feeding schemes and soup kitchens, and providing food parcels and other essential items to affected families.
How to help Assist in delivering food and other goods, donate nonperishable food items, blankets and toiletries, or make a cash donation online.
Contact 062 537 5206,
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Idiom Wine with Heart Campaign

Covid 19 Charities: Idiom Wine with Heart Campaign

About the cause This Somerset Wine Estate has partnered with Community Kitchens, an organisation supplying community kitchens with food vouchers for local dealers and wholesalers, so that they can continue serving vulnerable communities across Cape Town.
How to help Buy a bottle of Idiom SMV blend or Conservation Coast Chardonnay and automatically donate 50% towards the fund. You can also make a straight donation to Community Kitchens online.
Contact 021 858 1088,
Donate now Order wine

Ikamva Labantu

Covid 19 Charities: Ikamva Labantu

About the cause One of Cape Town’s most established NPOs, Ikamva Labantu is providing over 1 000 senior citizens across township neighbourhoods with essential food and hygiene parcels. They are also providing education and advice to the elderly on how to practice social distancing (to prevent the spread of the virus in their communities).
How to help Sign up to volunteer, become a partner of the organisation, or simply make an online donation.
Contact 021 461 8338,


Covid 19 Charities: Isabelo

About the cause This Franschhoek-based NPO, founded by chef Margot Janse, has joined forces with other local chefs to prepare, cook and deliver food packs and fresh produce to a variety of local community soup kitchens, helping feed those in need.
How to help Make a cash donation online, or donate food supplies and cooking equipment.
Contact 082 871 9635,
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Kolisi Foundation

Covid 19 Charities: Kolisi Foundation

About the cause Founded by Siya and Rachel Kolisi in the hopes of alleviating poverty, and providing hope and opportunity to those in underprivileged communities, the Kolisi Foundation is currently focusing their efforts on sourcing food items, masks, soap and sanitiser to those in vulnerable situations.
How to help Volunteer your services where needed or make a donation online.
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Kommetjie CAN

Covid 19 Charities: Kommetjie CAN

About the cause This organisation is helping feed struggling families in the townships of Ocean View, Masiphumulele and Red Hill during the lockdown. In addition to purchasing necessary food items, they also provide electricity vouchers and gas bottles to those in need.
How to help Simply make a donation online to help raise R100 000 by the end of the year.
Good to know They are also currently raising funds to provide pads and tampons to girls in the above communities.
Make a donation online and help the Fight Period Poverty cause reach their goal of R25 000 before 31 December 2020.
Contact 078 223 7354,
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Ladles of Love

Covid 19 Charities: Ladles of Love

About the cause Dedicated to feeding the hungry, Ladles of Love has soup kitchens set up across Cape Town to feed the homeless every week. They also provide food to schools, students and communities in need.
How to help Join their Covid-19 food and sandwich drive by signing up as a donor, making sandwiches or buying groceries. You can then drop these off at an allocated depot in your area to be collected by their trusty drivers.
Sign up for the drive or make a donation below.
Contact 021 201 1244,
Donate now

Masiphumelele Creative Hub

Covid 19 Charities: Masiphumelele Creative Hub

About the cause Passionate founder Yandiswa Mazwana provides young children in the Masiphumelele township (up to Grade 5) with daily meals that would have been provided to them by their schools, prior to lockdown. The organisation also provides food parcels to elderly members of the community.
How to help Deliver a selection of nonperishable food items, fruit and vegetables and children’s stationery items at the designated drop-off trolleys at Pick n Pay and Food Lover’s at Longbeach Mall in Sun Valley, or make a cash donation online.
Contact 071 358 6289,
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Oldenburg Vineyards with Aitsa!

Covid 19 Charities: Oldenburg Vineyards with Aitsa!

About the cause This internationally acclaimed Stellenbosch estate has turned its focus toward generating funds, through wine sales, for local charity, Aitsa! – an aftercare centre focused on feeding and supporting children in the surrounding Banhoek community.
How to help Purchase a bottle of Oldenburg <CL° series (<CL° white blend and red blend) and automatically donate R10 toward Aitsa! You can also donate directly to the charity below.
Contact 021 885 1618
Donate now Order wine


Covid 19 Charities: PEDI

About the cause The Philippi Economic Development Initiative, or PEDI, is aimed at training local farmers and creating a marketplace for them to sell their produce. They are currently creating fresh vegetable packs made from produce cultivated by the local farmers, with the purpose of distributing them across the community.
How to help Contact PEDI directly to find out how you can volunteer or make a donation.
Contact  021 371 9824/ 083 281 8318,

Peninsula School Feeding Association

Covid 19 Charities: Peninsula School Feeding Association

About the cause Usually aimed at providing daily school meals to children in need, this organisation is now focusing on supplying the same vulnerable children (and their families) with the food they would have received at school, in the form of food parcels and nutritious produce.
How to help Make a donation towards purchasing the essential ingredients needed for the food parcels.
Contact 021 447 6020,
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Sense of Taste Chef School

Covid 19 Charities: Sense of Taste Chef School

About the cause This cooking school in Maitland has started its own Covid-19 feeding programme, where the owners and students are preparing and delivering enough meals to feed 2 000 people per week in Maitland, Brooklyn Garden Village, Kensington and Salt River.
How to help Assist in donating any fresh produce or ingredients used to make the meals.
Contact Debbie Ayub (principal and co-owner of the Sense of Taste Chef School) on 082 337 6240 to make a donation.

Service Dining Rooms

Covid-19 Charities: Service Dining Rooms

About the cause Founded in 1935, this NPO sources and prepares nourishing meals at their Cape Town premises on Canterbury Street, which they then serve to vulnerable members of the community. They also provide cooked meals and food parcels to other at-risk communities and those in need.
How to help Make a donation online that will go toward bottled water, and food purchases needed to keep making meals.
Contact 021 465 2390,,,
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Stellenbosch Unite

Covid 19 Charities: Stellenbosch Unite

About the cause This local initiative is aimed at supporting vulnerable community members by providing weekly food packages to those in need.
How to help Volunteer for the delivery of the food packages and essential health items, or make a donation online.
Contact 021 886 4330,
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The Dairy Den

Covid 19 Charities: The Dairy Den

About the cause This soft-serve ice cream and doughnut store in Sea Point has launched the Donuts for Doers campaign, where a number of donuts are donated each week to essential-services workers in Cape Town.
How to help Donate a box (or more) of delicious Cinnamon or Chocolate donuts to say thank you to medics, fire services and police officers working during this difficult time.
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UCOOK Food Fund

Covid 19 Charities: UCOOK Food Fund

About the cause This dinner-kit delivery service has partnered with local initiatives, Food Forward SA and PEDI, to feed the hungry, by matching and doubling every donation made from meal-kit sales. With the aim of developing partnerships and initiatives to help people in need, as well as small food and hospitality businesses during this uncertain time, UCOOK is also not maximising revenue.
How to help A portion of all their meal-kit sales goes directly into the Food Fund, but you can also make a donation online.
Contact 021 447 4424,
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Umthunzi Farming Community

Covid 19 Charities: Umthunzi Farming Community

About the cause This marketplace for seasonal, organic produce, grown by small-scale farmers in Cape Town, aims to raise funds for farmers, distributing necessary Covid-19 prevention packs to farmers and their families, and providing those in need with nutritious food packages.
How to help Make a donation online and help raise funds for farmer income, masks, soap, hand-sanitiser and family harvest bags.
Contact 065 867 3832,
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Covid 19 Charities: Uthando

About the cause This innovative NPO aims to raise funds and assistance for a variety of community projects across the nation. These include agriculture, animal welfare, youth development, education, assistance to refugees, economic empowerment, and care and protection for children, women and the elderly.
How to help Make a donation towards funding one of the above initiatives.
Contact 021 683 8523,
Donate now


Covid 19 Charities: Valcare

About the cause Valcare is a nonprofit Social Investment Company based in Paarl that distributes monthly household food parcels and vouchers to the most vulnerable families in Cape Winelands communities.
How to help Donate a food parcel or a voucher of R350, which will supplement a family of four for a month.
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Woodstock Brewery Soup Kitchen

Covid 19 Charities: Woodstock Brewery Soup Kitchen

About the cause This local taproom and brewery has turned its space into a soup kitchen, making 4 000 portions of healthy, vegetable-based soup daily to feed those in vulnerable areas. The soup is made from sustainably sourced ingredients harvested at local farms, and is also aimed at keeping them in business too.
Good to know Every R100 donated will feed more than 10 people, and each donation goes towards purchasing a ticket to a future beer festival at their venue.
How to help Simply make a donation online. A R100 donation will get you a ticket, a R200 donation will get you a ticket and a beer, and a R500 donation will get you a ticket, a beer and a signed, numbered Richard Scott print.
Contact 074 875 5210,
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Awareness + medical support

Gift of The Givers Foundation

Covid 19 Charities: Gift of The Givers Foundation

About the cause This foundation is the largest local disaster response NGO in Africa, and is currently assisting healthcare professionals receive necessary protective wear, essential medical equipment and other resources needed to keep medical institutions fully resourced and operational during the pandemic.
How to help Assist the cause by making a donation online.
Contact 0800 786 911,
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Solidarity Fund

Covid 19 Charities: Solidarity Fund

About the cause Created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in South Africa, The Solidarity Fund is a platform for the general public, civil society and the public and private sector to contribute towards preventing and detecting the virus, as well as offering care and support to those who need it.
How to help Volunteer or make a cash donation online.
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Africa Masks 4 All

Covid-19 Charities: Africa Masks 4 All

About the cause This cloth-mask drive is a marketplace for distributing masks to those who can’t afford them in higher-risk communities across South Africa. They also educate the public on the significance of wearing a mask to slow the spread of Covid-19 and how to make and clean their own masks at home.
How to help Donations, big and small, are most welcome.
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The Haven Night Shelter

Covid 19 Charities: The Haven Night Shelter

About the cause This Cape Town organisation provides temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family reunification services to the adult homeless community in the Western Cape.
How to help Purchase a bed for the shelter, or make a donation online.
Contact 021 425 4700,
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The Homestead Projects for Street Children

Covid 19 Charities: The Homestead Projects for Street Children

About the cause Aimed at providing refuge and support for children living on the street, The Homestead Projects consist of a shelter, emotional and physical health and welfare, education, upliftment and family support.
How to help Donate essential items, toys, clothes and food to the community centre, or make a cash donation online.
Contact 021 419 9763,
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The Net

Covid 19 Charities: The Net

About the cause Launched in March 2020 by Carolyn Axmann, this Fish Hoek-based programme is currently working with local homeless adults seeking shelter and a new way of life. In an effort to not only protect the spread of infection and those in need, The Net also helps to better lives through drug counselling and rehabilitation, and entrepreneurial development. They are also currently working with the people they help – to distribute food parcels to others in need.
How to help Make a donation online to help them reach their R200 000 target.
Contact 084 205 8248,
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The Rainbow Academy

Covid 19 Charities: The Rainbow Academy

About the cause This school of performing arts is aimed at providing its students with a place of employment following graduation. The students, who come from challenging socio-economic communities in South Africa, are currently unable to access the internet, and so funds are being raised to provide them with the essentials to partake in an online-teaching course so they can still graduate.
Good to know The Rainbow Academy will also be creating an online, professional music, dance and drama channel for community engagement, in an effort to halt the influence of drugs, alcohol and gangsterism in less fortunate communities.
How to help Make a donation to assist them in reaching their R250 000 target, needed to equip 40 enrolled students, 10 diploma students, 10 staff and the community at large with everything they need to keep learning.
Contact 021 426 4759,

Animal welfare


Covid 19 Charities: DARG

About the cause This nonprofit organisation rescues, rehabilitates, sterilises and rehomes abused, neglected and abandoned cats and dogs. Its Hout Bay premises houses a cat garden, cat sanctuary, outdoor and indoor kennels, recovery rooms for the animals and even a farm animal area with pigs, rabbits, chickens and goats.
How to help Drop off pet food, toys, leads and harnesses, and cleaning products for the animals, or make a cash donation online.
Contact 021 790 0383
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Oscars Arc

Covid 19 Charities: Oscars Arc

About the cause Oscars Arc is an animal organisation aimed at bringing awareness to shelter dogs, and encouraging people to play, name their adoption fee, and provide forever homes to the healthy, happy shelter dogs.
How to help Adopt or foster a dog in need, or make a donation online.
Contact 081 347 0784,
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Tears Animal Rescue

Covid 19 Charities: Tears Animal Rescue

About the cause In 1999 The Emma Animal Rescue Society (TEARS) was established in her memory by Joan and Marilyn. Today, the nonprofit organisation aims to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome domestic animals that have been abandoned or abused, and also provide veterinary services to local impoverished communities.
How to help Adopt or foster an animal during lockdown, or make a donation towards the Emergency Animal Relief Fund.
Contact 021 785 4482,
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3 Responses to “Covid-19 Charities: Local Causes That Need Your Help”

  1. Janis van Tonder

    I have about 20 2 litre bottles of tap water stored since the drought in 2018. Is there any organisation to which they can be donated in Cape Town Not sure if they are still suitable for drinking, but can be used for planting.

  2. Tantaswa Ntswam

    On this great initiative is it possible that our NPO can also get some assistance. We are distributing food parcels to most needy families during the lockdown in Phillipi, Brown’s Farm. We have been cooking and feeding children and elderly people residing in informal settlements. We have also reached out to single parents who have disabled children who have no money to buy nappies and food who have not been looked at during the lockdown. For more information you are welcome to follow up on the email.

    Ezemvelo & Agriwise Services-NPO

  3. Bee

    also Valcare as they help the whole Cape Winelands.