Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2017/18

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2017/18

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Texx and the City

Kirstenbosch announces Cat Stevens and some other stellar acts to rock you this summer.

Woohoo! Some of the acts for the highly anticipated Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2017/2018 have been announced – Cat Stevens, Goldfish and The Vamps are just some of the stellar artists on the exciting bill.

Concerts, sadly, only kick off in November, so there are still a few months to go, but you can start booking tickets now to avoid disappointment.

As usual, the magnificent gardens provide the backdrop for these open-air gigs – the perfect place to spend lazy afternoons. It’s also a fantastic picnic location, so bring along a blanket and a hamper of goodies.

Cat’s out of the bag

Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens is gracing our shores with a tour to South Africa for the very first time. Among other venues around the country, he’s bringing his Peace Train Tour to Kirstenbosch, which marks 50 years since his debut album Matthew & Son was released in 1967. Sadly, tickets to the concert on 11 November 2017 sold out within two hours of going on sale, but organisers have added another date due to popular demand.

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Please note: Tickets for all Kirstenbosch concerts are available from Webtickets. Sarah Struys, events manager at Kirstenbosch has stated: “Only tickets purchased at are legitimate tickets. Please do not purchase tickets from any other websites, as it may be a scam.”

Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts Lineup 2017/2018

Artist Date Price Starting Time Book
Yusuf Cat Stevens 11 November 2017 R850 7pm Sold Out
Yusuf Cat Stevens 12 November 2017 (due to popular demand) R850 7pm Book Online
Texas 8 December 2017 R495 7pm Book Online
Goldfish and Hot Water 31 December 2017 – 1 January 2018 R385 7pm Book Online
The Vamps 2 February 2018 R570 7pm Not yet available

Previously on at Kirstenbosch

Artist Date Price (adults) Price (youth) Starting Time
Matthew Mole / Jesse Clegg 15 January 2017 R165 R125 5.15pm
The Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra 22 January 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Lira 29 January 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Jeremy Loops 5 February 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Dan Patlansky 12 February 2017 R125 R90 5.30pm
Goldfish 19 February 2017 R190 R150 5.30pm
The Soil 26 February 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Karen Zoid & Francois van Coke 5 March 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Cape Folk ‘n Acoustic Music Festival 12 March 2017 R165 R125 5pm
Mi Casa 19 March 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Just Jinger 21 March 2017 R165 R125 5.30pm
Grassy Spark / The Rudimentals 26 March 2017 R165 R125 5.15pm
Shortstraw / Al Bairre 2 April 2017 R125 R90 5.15pm



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Time of publication: 06 August 2017

82 Responses to “Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts 2017/18”

  1. kholeka

    Wooow, I love Kisternbosch gardens, to top it with the concerts, it’s indeed a cherry on top. Can’t wait, I’m sorry excited. Horaaaayy

  2. Reza

    It would be great to introduce some fresh new talent along with the old favorites. The curator needs to get some fresh perspective on what current music and entertainment trends are in SA. Just a thought.

    • LekkerLocal

      Cape Town locals are such cheapskates!!! Working at a fine dining restaurant at the V&A, we get these “tourist and local price” comments all the time. Locals want the 5 star experience but want to pay McDonald junior burger prices! R125 for an amazing day out in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, listening to LIVE music is CHEAP!!!!!!!! You have close to 3 months to save up!

      • Bobby

        I totally agree! Also, if you can’t afford a family outing, you should perhaps have considered having a smaller family and then sticking to what you can afford. Sad, but true.

  3. Sarah Revell

    you have got too expensive. It used to be a value for money family outing. Sadly, no longer

  4. Sophc28

    I’m ashamed to say I’ve yet to go.. This summer I shall be there! ?

  5. Judy

    Does seem to priced just too high for a family to go.
    Such a stunning venue though

  6. Alicia

    Sadly have to agree with Sarah & Judy – yet another of the Cape’s finest features being outpriced for locals to enjoy and share with families. We really have amazing developing local talent that can be showcased & promited whilstvat the sane time time making these events low cost,affordable and accessible to ( particularly) the locals and their families. After having travelled abroad it is becoming evident that easy accessibility to local features is one if the pillars to instilling & promting national pride.#stillprpudlycapetonian

  7. christine

    Wanted to go New Year Eve but over priced for unknown band
    Why not have some country and western bands there as there is a great following in Cape Town .

    • Tracy

      Ew! I’m guessing the country and western following is beyond the boerewors curtain, as everyone I know would rather stick needles in their eyes

  8. Wardah

    There should be a price for locals and a price for foreigners/ vacationers – in fact, all the lovely local touristy places should subscribe to that principle. In that way you will obtain more support from locals which means the foreigners get to experience it so much better with a local influence. Otherwise it seems as if these places are really just for vacationers to enjoy and sad for locals to be excluded.

  9. Sunel

    Ever thought of a family package? Too expensive to pay full price for toddlers and babies.

    • Anton

      These events are not for toddlers and babies? Why would you want to take a 3 year old to a Prime Circle concert?

      • Amos

        Why would you want to take anything sentient to a Prime Circle concert?

      • Mike

        Why would anyone go to a Prime Circle concert in the first place! 😛

      • Kat

        Because it’s during the day, in a beautiful garden and nice music. Hanhing iut with friends, enjoying nature and developing social skills, hanging with other kids in the kids area, or just simply sitting on a blanket with your parents listening to music. What’s wrong with all of that???

      • Frank

        Who’d want to take an adult to a Parlatones concert? 🙂

  10. Caroline

    I agree with the writers who say that it has become too expensive for locals. Even visiting the gardens without a concert is going up to R60 for adults this month. How can a local family possibly afford this. There should be a price for SA ID holders and a higher price for tourists. I go there often and have calculated the garden is making a lot of money and could well afford to do this.

  11. Zimbie

    The people who are saying that tourists should pay more have their heads in the sand. Get your government sorted and get your currency up to par. So what you are saying is that if a South African went to a concert in Zimbabwe the Zimbabs should charge you more because you are not a local or if you went the the States the States should charge you more because of the same reason. Silly, sounds like hogwash to me. They had this same scenario in Zims years ago and look what happened to their currency-Wake up people…..and smell the flowers…..

  12. Nicky

    It’s not only about going to kirstenbosch and having a picnic, it’s about seeing some of the best musicians in the country! This is no ordinary Sunday outing, it’s truly special
    Save up

  13. Rene

    As a local family of 5, this is yet another activity in my beautiful city we cannot afford. I would love, love, love to do so many things with hubby and kids (who are almost adults), but it will cost around R1k in all. I agree with local costs for SA ID holders, and tourist costs for visitors. I miss out on so much. 🙁

  14. Maria

    This is not a very exciting lineup at all. Where are the days when Kirstenbosch was a melting pot for some really exciting music? They are more interested in people through the turnstiles than with it being a meaningful experience. Prime Circle, Beatenberg, The Parlotones? Really? Come on Kirstenbosch you can do better than this…

    • fran

      Very boring. SA got so much talent. Must we be excited about that line up? Come on. It’s a shame.

  15. Nancy

    Prime Circle and the Parlotones? Again?? Seriously?? This industry has a lot of talent and it’s a shame Kirstenbosch just keeps rehashing the same olds every year. #movewiththetimes

  16. Albert

    Not a SINGLE Concert here that attracts my attention – Nevermind the price, the material is so boring.

  17. Jessica Ellis

    Jimi Nevis, The Parlotones, Prime Circle….seriously?! So many incredible musicians in South Africa yet we are subjected to the same concerts year after year. What an incredibly boring and disappointing line up once again! Get it together Kirstenbosch!!

  18. Jeremy

    Pity you insist on the same old same old! If you hear 1 song on Parlotones you have heard them all – all he has is a low croak which becomes so annoying after 2 songs!

  19. Azeez

    I so agree with most of the comments here same ol line-up every year the absolutely terrible Parlotones yech! .. and equally bad Beatenberg seriously we have so many new and young vibrant musicians and what about some jazz artists like Airborne or Richard Ceasar to name a few .. so yeah thats my 5cents worth will skip this year again like last year .. pity !!

  20. Bruce Johnson

    It could be worse, Freshly Ground.

  21. Fiona Sacks

    What about Hacketman now there is some talent. This lineup is predictable and boring. Rinse Repeat Rinse Repeat

  22. ian

    Parlotones??? Time those egotistical guys retired and took their terribly boring music with them. Surely CT can come up with a better line up than this?

  23. Suzette

    Guys, really ……………? Kirstenbosch is a highlight of the summer and been going non stop for few years now. Why do we need to listen and pay for the same artist year after year? There’s great talent out there, be more creative before this is another beautiful, special event busy dying on us 🙁

  24. Irene HarrisonMy

    My husband and I are tourist who have been to one of these concerts and are puzzled as to why there are so many negative comments about the price for an outdoor concert. A week long Festival in our home town charged £49 (approx 1000Zar) each evening to an event attend by 1000s of people who were not necessarily wealthy but knew that was the ticket price they had to pay if they wished to attend.On top of this it cost 200Zar to park your car and 120 Zar approx equivalent for a beer and wait for it Picnic Basket for 2 another 1000Zar as one cannot take their own food to these events.Doesn’t that make the events at Kirstenbosch inexpensive to us British tourist? We intend to come again this November.

    • Melanie

      There’s your answer…you come here with ££££££s. So it will be a ‘good price ‘ for a labourer from the UK than a qualified artisan from SA. I have a family of 5 so at R165 per person, you do the maths….automatically cannot afford if I need to pay the bills. So next time you come here buy me 5 tickets for a night out that the average South African cannot afford.

      • Dylan

        Melanie, Skattie! It’s not expensive. It’s cheap! Sorry you can’t afford it, there’s lots to do for free in Cape Town. We’re spoilt for choice, stop whining and take your kids to the beach!

  25. Anja

    Seriously? Boring lineup. No Matthew Mole?

  26. Trudi

    Looking for some new blood. How about the new Cape Town band CROSSCURRENT. They are seriously good. Amazing local talent. They will blow you all away and rock the crowd big time. How about getting them to open for someone. Listen to their new 5 song EP on soundcloud

  27. Warren

    Why not bring a artists like emo Adams that’s definitely the answer he entertains for sure worth paying

  28. Ella

    Why do you always have to moan about everything? If you want to go, GO. If you do not want to go, STAY AT HOME! It is really not expensive. People waste so much money on other things like drinking and smoking. It is so much better to spend your money on a lovely concert in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world! If you do not like the music, well there is a lot of other people who love the music and they will go and enjoy the evening.

  29. Deryck

    Why all the negative comments. The ticket price includes entry to gardens from the opening in morning, so spend the day there.

  30. Tamsyn

    I was SO EXCITED to see the line up for this season and then…UGH…THE SAME OLD BORING BANDS AGAIN. Come on man. Such an amazing venue and a great afternoon out with friends, please book some new talent in 2017!!!


    what about The soil, Lira and Zonke dikana? please bring them back…………and Mi cassa

  32. Misa

    Something vibrant maybe ? Nice line up but its the same as last time – where is the fun in that ?

    • Nosipho

      Hayibo, same artists. Njani na lento? I was so excited to see who I’d like to go see but it’s the same artists I’ve seen already. Feels like de ja vu. Please book other artists as well.

  33. David Dunning

    When will you release dates and artists for 2017

  34. Matt

    This is not expensive. It is reasonably priced. The Botanical Gardens are one of the biggest attractions in Cape Town. PLUS the artists also need to be paid. The acts in the line up have been coming for years and it works. Packed every time! I am sure SANBI has carefully selected the artists for the line up. If the music style does not suit you, try a different venue. However, I agree that South Africa has many new artists who would sure make an awesome performance, ex. Casper Noyvest, AKA (to name a few).

  35. Jimmy Musicman

    Ditto, Samezies, copies, repetitive, same old, nothing new, boring, sad. Can’t believe they book the same acts every year, why not mix it up a bit, there are so many bands or groups that would book the whole place, and bring something new to this amazing venue. Not going to even bother going to any of these boring concerts this year.

  36. john

    Soooo cheap!!!! You guys are cheapskates comnentimg here.

  37. Richard Duane

    KICK OUT new group to hit the CT scene, 3 part harmonies with 3 acoustic guitars plus bass, the most beautiful sound you have ever heard, Cape Towns own CSNY, give them a chance and all the others who would blow your socks off.

  38. Zimbo

    So keen for my boy Jah Prayzah. Too bad Winky D couldnt pull through as well

    • El.Jay

      Happy for my homeboy Jah Prayzah…nice one @list we going to enjoy ourselves…keep it up

  39. Sophs

    There are lots and lots of artists that can be invited Zahara,Nathi,Sisanda Nilsson,Caiphus Semenya,Selaelo Selota.We can’t keep on enjoying music from the same people year in year out.

  40. Axel Borovski

    Hello, i agrees with other komment not much variety from different years to years, i see same band too. many times. It get much borringk (sp? ). It show South Africa too conservative with music taste. I see many young act not get chance to grows. Perhaps organize must go round to music venue to see new act for self. But big pity becos very beautiful venue.

  41. Jaqi

    Awesome lineup and very reasonable prices. We got our tix for a few of the shows secured and are very excited!

  42. Kayla

    Are tickets from legitimate? I know I was ripped off with their prices but I have unfortunately already sent through payment and would like to know if these tickets are legit or not? Thanks!

    • Lezl Swart

      Where/how do we buy tickets?

    • Fateeqah

      Dude, I got my tickets from webtickets at the advertised price. No idea if the viagogo tickets are legit.

    • karin Shaw

      Bought tickets in Dec 2016 through Viago with no issues. But think you do need to be registered with them… a bit like registering with Computickets.

  43. Hadley

    Hi guys my name is hadley veldsman, im a relatively unknown artist residing in cape town. My instruments are guitar and piano. Over the past couple of years i have found it hard to get gigs in this city so have decided to stage my own events. I have two coming up this month. My desire is to deliver quality to the people at an affordable price. Please feel free to add me on facebook to find out more. Cheers

  44. Philip

    This is AWESOME!!!! I am super excited for this years concerts again!! Same lineup… blah blah blah???!!! WHO CARES these are amazing artists and I would go see them year after year!!!

  45. Boniswa

    Awesome the lineup is good,can’t wait

  46. Shannon

    Hi, great line up from this year. I really enjoy the kirstenbosch concerts so I try to attend them regularly. Although I love the artists, I think that one more should be added. “Jackal and the Wind” are a South African indie rock band with great music and good vibes, and I really think that they should be invited to perform. You can look at their Facebook page for more infomation. Thank you

  47. Sharon

    A little bleak seeing Johnny Clegg is playing on Years Eve.

  48. Shea

    No freshly ground this year…. Oh Noooooo!!!
    But it’s ok ,ill be attending the Mi casa, Lira, The soil and Zonke..The line up is still good just missing freshly ground. Looking forward to it…

  49. Nicky

    Yay Matthew Mole 🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Julia

    Very disappointed about NYE lineup.
    I wish you had a different act for NYE.
    I’ve already seen JC at KB on NYE and I can’t be paying all that money to see him again? Surely there are other artists that you haven’t hosted before?

  51. Brett

    Good to see Jah P, Zim bouy raising the bar.Affordability is a measure of the different people and anyway criticism betters the quality next time.The gardens actually inspires top dollar.On a a good note it dissuades the cheap criminals that infest our shores from making it there….#just saying.#My opinion.

  52. Yapha

    Are tickets from viagogo authentic?

    • Trevor

      Hi Yapha, viagogo tickets are not valid

    • Nico

      I don’t know but do know that I have been ripped off R 5 500 for two tickets and going rate is R850 p/p

  53. Tamsyn

    Maybe this year you could allow people to vote for the acts they’d like to see the most?
    It might be nice to see some up and coming acts as well as old favourites.
    Also, keeping the ticket prices reasonable ensures all ages get to enjoy this beautiful venue and lekker vibe.

  54. Carol

    Consider Blacksmith and Jenny and the Jameses, please.

  55. Ntando

    More black artists !!

  56. Lone neckel

    Who do I contact is I like a overseas band to play her ?

  57. Ralf

    We are on the 11th of November in the area of Kirstenbosch and would really like to go to the concert of Cat Stevens. Is there a chance to get 2 tickets ?

  58. bev

    I think it is disgraceful that tickets are ‘sold on’ and available on what look like decent sites eg Clegg concert. Tickets now available for over R2000
    Shame on you! Kirstenbosch.


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