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This new kid on the Cape Town ice-cream block makes liquid-nitrogen ice cream.

N2ice Cream Lab is a future-focused ice-cream shop that has set out to change the way South Africans think about and eat ice cream. The difference between N2ice and its competitors is all down to the science of ice-cream making. Owners Maija and Errol Groenewald were first introduced to liquid-nitrogen ice cream during their travels abroad and when they decided to bring the concept home to Cape Town, they didn’t realise it would take them a year of experimenting to perfect the texture and flavour.


Liquid Nitrogen is used to blast fresh (additive-, preservative- and emulsifier-free) ingredients at a temperature of -196C for roughly 60 seconds. The result: velvety smooth and deliciously creamy ice cream. (Normal ice cream is frozen at around -30C and left in a freezer for hours on end, whereas liquid-nitrogen freezes within a minute.)

Is liquid nitrogen harmful?

As with anything related to science and chemistry, people might worry about the health implications of a product like this. However, liquid nitrogen is not only odourless and tasteless, but is also completely nontoxic, meaning it is safe to eat anything containing it. Moreover, by the time your ice cream has frozen, the liquid nitrogen has completely disappeared, leaving you with a deliciously smooth-tasting treat.

What’s your flavour?

N2ice cream currently comes in three base flavours, namely vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, made using the freshest ingredients. You then have the option of adding a handmade sauce, such as salted caramel or toffee popcorn, or one of the eight mixes, which include Turkish-delight crumbs and other yummy surprises. Each week, Maija and Errol introduce a “guest flavour” that is available until the end of that week; last week’s infusion was peaches and cream.

For now, N2ice cream is available from its shop in Parklands, but plans are underway for a mobile truck that will roam around Cape Town providing delicious frozen treats at kids’ birthday parties and the like.

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Date Ongoing
Time Monday – Friday, 10am – 6.30pm
Saturday, 10am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm
Cost R20, regular
R30, large
R5, toppings
Contact 084 516 1818, maija@n2icecreamlab.co.za


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Time of publication: 29 October 2014

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  1. The Inside Guide

    Hi KerryAnn
    You are through to The Inside Guide. If you’d like to chat to N2ice Cream Lab, check their contact details above.

  2. KerryAnn

    Please will you give me a breakdown/analysis of the fats, carbs, kilojoules etc in your icecream?

    From now till winter (actually, through winter too, if I’m completely honest!!), I eat ice cream!!

    May I take your details to my training coach (who is also ice cream/frozen yogurt verskrik)?

    Many thanks,