Coffee on Tap at Nitro House

Coffee on Tap at Nitro House

If you’re looking for the kick without the acidity…

Drinking cold coffee might be an acquired taste, but if it means being able to get more of a fix with less of the side-effects of regular coffee offerings, you might want to try it out at Nitro House, which opened on Bree Street in April.

The space 

Though the space still feels a little sterile (it is early days), owner Gerald Walus (who brought us The Station on Bree) wanted to create a spot in the CBD that offers healthy snacks, beverages and free wi-fi, which is exactly what he’s done. 

The food menu is a work in progress – but you can currently order sandwiches, wraps and salads. I had the best toasted sandwich I’ve had in a long time – pesto, mozzarella cheese and tomato on rye – with soups and gluten-free meals on the cards for the cold months.

The coffee

The baristas will take you through the experience, starting with an explanation of how it’s made – the presentation alone will peak your interest because it’s served in what looks like a miniature beer tankard. Ground coffee is cured in filtered water for some hours before the cold brew is strained into a keg and injected with pure nitrogen gas. You’d be forgiven for thinking the glass placed in front of you contains Guinness – it certainly looks like it, complete with head, and having been dispensed from a tap, much the same as one would dispense draught or craft beer. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Nitro coffee is alcohol free and best consumed without milk or sugar, making it Paleo, Banting and vegan-friendly, but this is the best way to appreciate the coffee flavours. There are also vanilla and chocolate options. Try it with organic full-cream, soy or almond milk if you must, but I actually preferred it black (and I always have milk in hot coffee).

K is for kombucha 

If healthy tea is more your thing, try the Kombucha. It’s a low-sugar tea produced using live cultures that transform sugar and yeast to create a refreshing drink containing 28 probiotics and 11 amino acids. It is touted as being a great hydrator and energiser, and if your body is lacking any of its beneficial ingredients, it will simply tell you it wants more. I can certainly vouch for that!

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Time of publication: 14 June 2017

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