Restaurant Rescue Project: Help Save Our Local Eateries

Restaurant Rescue Project: Help Save Our Local Eateries

By "adopting" a restaurant, South African wineries are fighting tooth and nail to keep the hospitality industry alive!

Covid-19 (coupled with South Africa’s stringent lockdown regulations) has turned our world upside down and, in so doing, has brought the hospitality industry to its knees.

After nearly five months of being at the mercy of on-again-off-again legislation, a hefty loss of income and unbridled uncertainty about the future, Cape Town restaurants have been among the most severely affected.

Which is why Grub & Vine’s chef-patron Matt Manning and his 17-member team decided to take the matter into their own hands. Together with Alex Dale of innovative Stellenbosch-based winery Radford Dale, they established the #RestaurantRescueProject in an attempt to save employees’ livelihoods, and raise awareness of the situation on social media.

Grub & Vine: Restaurant Rescue Project

How it works

A winery “adopts”  a restaurant, so that when you purchase a voucher to eat at the restaurant, you’ll receive complimentary wine the partnered wine farm. These are the current partnerships:

“Restaurants are part of the gastronomical fabric of Cape Town, and this world-class dynamism is dying a rapid death,” says Alex Dale. “We need to move quickly, collaboratively and with intention, if we are to see it survive.” If more wineries are able to partner with restaurants in this way, and customers support the collaborations, we’ll be able to keep the lights on for another day, while saving numerous jobs.

For more information about this project, visit #RestaurantRescueProject.
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Time of publication: 21 July 2020

3 Responses to “Restaurant Rescue Project: Help Save Our Local Eateries”

  1. Avatar

    Vijay Gajjar

    I am somewhat disappointed in the way this campaign is being handled. I requested a voucher for Aubergine, and the reply stated they were doing a recon and would revert: Nada. I wanted to buy vouchers for Cheynes, but it was not clear which venue the vouchers were for, so wrote to their contact email: Nada. I got a response confirming that payment had been received for the two vouchers bought from Sea Breeze, and assume further information, the actual vouchers etc, will follow some time in the future.

    We were keen to assist and take advantage of the wine offerings, but do not understand why it is so hard to get a proper response?

    • The Inside Guide

      The Inside Guide

      Hi Vijay
      Thanks for your message, and sorry to hear you’ve had a frustrating experience.
      We’ve emailed the restaurants mentioned, and hopefully they’ll be able to shed some light, and solve your problem.

    • Avatar

      Aubergine Restaurant

      Dear Vijay

      Thank you for your interest in buying a voucher. Our apologies for the delay in getting back to you. We had a wonderful response to the voucher drive, but as there were only a limited number of vouchers available, had to wait for all payments of the last few (some international EFT’s took some time) to see if there were any left. They have all been sold out, but I’ve emailed you a couple of other options you might consider should you still like to buy wine or vouchers.