The Botanical Bar: Cocktail Hour Just Got Sweeter

The Botanical Bar: Cocktail Hour Just Got Sweeter

There’s no better way to cool down this summer than with a refreshing aperitif!

First came single-malt whisky, then it was the craft-beer revolution, and we’re currently in the throes of a love affair with artisanal gin. “So, what’s the next big thing?” you might be wondering…

Well, it’s funny you should ask… The savvy people behind The Gin Bar, and Marrow have the answer. It’s not a spirit per se, but rather a wonderful collection of fresh, fragrant and foraged-for stuff that abounds in the Cape’s oceans, mountains and forests. We’re talking about botanicals…

The venue is called The Botanical Bar and, while foraged-for fresh ingredients are the main event, there’ll only be craft local liquor available – beer, rum, brandy and gin – to accompany the fresh flavours, as well as a variety of amazing non-alcoholic options.

Co-owner Anthony Gird explains the inspiration behind the concept: “The idea began to brew after a walk through the Green Point Park Biodiversity Garden,” he recalls. “The smells and textures of the plants were incredible, and inspired us to make a few batches of bitters using local gin and whisky as a base. The results were amazing!

“And, with so many local crafters producing quality small-batch liquor, it became obvious that we could actually open a bar that focused on South African botanicals and locally made alcohol.”

The botanical theme is echoed in the food offering: a mezze-style selection of dips, breads and pickles in the bar area, made using local, seasonal ingredients and indigenous botanicals, naturally. 

In the seated area, there’ll be a greater selection of sharing plates: vegetable-focused dishes with a few fish and meat options.

The Botanical Bar is sure to be the hottest spot to cool down this summer, so subscribe to our newsletter, and we’ll let you know as soon as it opens.

Opening times December 2017
Contact 064 686 4164,
Where to find it 160 Longmarket Street, Cape Town