Next-Level Cocktails at Cause Effect Bar on Kloof Street

Next-Level Cocktails at Cause Effect Bar on Kloof Street

A cool cocktail kitchen just off Kloof Street that’ll shake you out of your comfort zone.

From owners Kurt Schlechter and James “Trigger” Phillips, together with mixology maestro Marshall Siavash (former head barman at The House of Machines), comes this cocktail emporium that is turning the traditional on its head – making it a must-visit for cocktail-lovers wanting to broaden their horizons.

Three-Course Cocktails

Cause Effect Cocktail

The menu of bold and expertly crafted cocktails (updated every four weeks) is divided into three parts, and offers the cocktail equivalent of a three-course meal (although you can pick and choose as you please).

Begin with a light aperitif (including the extinct Caperitif, reborn in the Cause Effect kitchen), followed by a selection of traditional brandy-based cocktails infused with fynbos flavours, homemade tinctures and fresh herbs. And end with an out-of-the-box experiential cocktail. There’s also a homemade non-alcoholic pineapple beer to cleanse the palate between drinks, because you know you’re going to want more than one!

Sit at the bar, and watch the maestros at work, adding unique flavours, plating beautiful designs, and boasting impressive skills and techniques, as they turn old favourites into works of art, that look (almost) too good to drink.

The Food

If you’re feeling peckish, there is a range of tasty meals including the ostrich wrap, brandy-flambéed steak, brandy trio-mushroom pasta, and three different types of cheese, meat and veg snack platters (each with an accompanying cocktail designed to complement individual flavours). And, Kurt assures us, all ingredients are locally sourced and freshly foraged – no beating around the bush here!

The Mood

Romantic lighting, dark hues, rustic wood and touches of greenery create a warm yet contemporary vibe. Sit at one of the indoor tables, or enjoy your cocktails under the stars in the intimate outdoor courtyard. There’s also free wi-fi, so you can Instagram stories till the cows come home. (You know you wanna…)

Conscious Cocktails

We love that sustainability runs through the kitchen: all ingredients (such as ginger, pineapple and dried fennel) are reused, and adapted into new elements, including the homemade citrus salt that’s made from used lemon and orange rinds. They also use a completely waterless system, chilling each drink without using ice. Quite cool, hey?

Opening times
Tuesday – Friday, 12pm – 1.0am; Saturday 8pm – 1.30am
Contact 072 917 1183,
Where to find it 2A Park Road, MLT House, Gardens, Cape Town