Crumbs & Cream Sea Point: Where Ice-Cream Dreams Come True

Crumbs & Cream Sea Point: Where Ice-Cream Dreams Come True

Sea Point’s quirkiest ice-cream parlour serves up the craziest ice-cream sandwiches, an array of decadent crêpes and deliciously OTT milkshakes.

Sometimes there’s a mood that only an ice-cream sandwich, a silky Nutella-laden crêpe, or a doughnut-laden, be-sprinkled and caramel-sauced Freakshake will fix. Then there are those moments that are made altogether better by all of the above – which is where Crumbs & Cream comes in.

Cape Town’s first gourmet ice-cream sandwich concept wears its cute persona and quirky crown with pride but there’s more to it than just punchy good looks. Owners and sisters Shahar Ben Artzi and Or Lahat brought Crumbs & Cream Cape Town to Sea Point in 2016, and since the first scoop was served, this energetic brand has flourished in a short time – there’s a second brick-and-mortar store at The V&A Waterfront and a cart in The Silo District, plus there’s even a Crumbs & Cream in Joburg.

Ice-cream sandwiches + so much more

Crumbs and Cream Sea Point

Particular to the Crumbs & Cream brand is their range of ice-cream cookie sandwiches. Ice-cream lovers are encouraged to choose two cookies (be warned, it’s a difficult decision) and a generous scoop of ice cream (from a selection of no less than 10 on any day), which is then squished between the two. Choose from the likes of chocolate, cookies, caramel brownie or tiramisu or even a vegan berry flavour. Your job is to dig in and enjoy.

The milkshakes and the most Instagrammable Freakshakes you’ve ever seen (including a tower of doughnuts and even a mini cookie sandwich) are super-popular and, more recently (and perfect for cooler days), are the crêpes, which come in a traditional folded-over format with Nutella, or more decadently with scoops of Crumbs & Cream ice cream.

Delicious daily grind

Crumbs and Cream Cape Town

The doors open early here, and from 7am to 11am a piping hot cup of Haus coffee and a freshly baked cookie are on offer for just R20. As the day moves on you’ll find teens and tweens trying to decide on the best-possible combo (the Oreo Monster and Snickers ice cream are favourites, by the way); local moms cooling down kids after school; and sweet-toothed older folk whiling away their retirement days while sharing the latest gossip, a precisely made French crêpe and a scoop or three of whichever ice creams catch their eyes. Crumbs & Cream is that rare brand that ticks the boxes for all ages and all sweet-tooth moods.

Proof of the pudding

The shop is really easy on the eye but it’s also a spot that never ever skimps on quality. Everything is made on-site and from scratch – from their homemade cones (you can also have ice cream in a cup, bowl and, of course, between two cookies) to the daily baked cookies and now made-to-order crêpes.

The ice cream is genuine Italian gelato, made with the best-quality flavours and local ingredients, and the Belgian chocolate they use for their ice cream and hot chocolates is the real delicious deal! While Crumbs & Cream is certainly a stop-in-and-choose spot, they’ve also developed a range of products and services for at-home appreciation. Think takeaway ice-cream sandwiches, layered ice-cream cakes served giant-cookie-sandwich-style, ice-cream carts for parties, and if you’re really desperate, the option to get your Crumbs & Cream fix from Uber Eats! Oh, and did we mention Crumbs & Cream is both kosher- and halaal-certified?

Whether you stop in for a quick coffee and a cookie, a milkshake or an ice-cream sandwich, one thing’s for sure – each and every loyal Crumbs & Cream customer agrees that this delicious brand brings a dose of happy to their day!

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