The Kind Café in Woodstock: For Delicious Vegan Grub

The Kind Café in Woodstock: For Delicious Vegan Grub Claudia Schotman

Kind to your tastebuds and to the planet, this vegan café is a welcome addition to the Woodstock food scene.

Located in the heart of Woodstock, this vegan café and deli has loads going for it: delicious food, lots of parking, and positive vibes!

But for me, the true test of a vegan restaurant isn’t if vegans like it; it’s if omnivores approve. The Kind Kitchen passes on both counts!

The food

On the menu, you’ll find an impressive selection of breakfast options, smoothies, tacos, wraps, salads – as well as a superb range of cold-pressed juices – with humorous names (OJ Pimpson juice, Tropic Thunder smoothie, Ficken Mayo salad).

The kitchen is open daily for lunch, and for specially themed dinners from Tuesday to Friday (Taco Tuesdays, Ramen Wednesdays, Sushi Thursdays and Fish&Chip Fridays).

The beer-battered avo taco and the banana blossom “fish” sounds amazing, as does the pulled jackfruit (a distant relation to pulled pork). There’s even milk tart and cheesecake on offer.

Friendly service, a welcoming air and fantastic food make The Kind Kitchen a great addition to the Woodstock foodie scene.

Good to know If you’re inspired by your meal – which you will be – you can pick up the ingredients from the deli to recreate it at home. Can’t make it to Woodstock but in the mood for some deliciously healthy lunch? WhatsApp or call them for a delivery!
Opened September 2018
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