Let them Eat at La Tête

Nose-to-tail dining on burgeoning Bree Street.

Ever since it swung open its monochromatic doors in November 2016, La Tête has been wowing local gourmands (and the international foodie set) with its fresh, seasonal French-bistro fare that focuses on the nose-to-tail philosophy (of using every part of the animal, leaving nothing to waste). 

At this stage, it’s only offering lunch and dinner, though breakfast might also be on the cards once the team has found their, erm, feet (pun intended). 

Edwardian era

La Tête is chef-patron Giles Edwards’ first restaurant venture. Formerly of Woodstock’s Salt Cellar, chef Giles worked under Fergus Henderson at St John, his famed nose-to-tail London eatery, for the past decade. Before that, he enjoyed stints at J Sheekey in Convent Garden, and Cape Town’s own Beluga, where he trained.

Meaty menu

As a nose-to-tail restaurant, the menu bears a strongly meaty emphasis, featuring beef and lamb, as well as seafood. Expect mussels with bacon and cider, mint-and pork terrine; fresh bread-and-octopus salad; and beef-and-kidney pudding. Partly inspired by the French style of preparing farm-to-fork food, the experimental menu changes its offerings daily. Chef Giles realises that the nose-to-tail concept is quite something for diners to digest, so he wants to educate the public on this way of cooking (and eating) by showing that there’s for nothing to fear – no matter which parts of the animal are used.

Sweet treats

On the dessert menu, expect delicious dishes such as poached guavas, chocolate pots and plum pavlova, to name but a few mouth-watering treats.