Melting Pot: A Street-Food Pop-Up on Loop Street From 3 SA Chefs

Melting Pot: A Street-Food Pop-Up on Loop Street From 3 SA Chefs

A trio of Capetonian chefs, including Chefs Warehouse’s former head honcho, have opened a temporary restaurant on Loop Street, serving mouth-popping street food.

Three chefs – John Van Zyl (ex Chefs Warehouse and Thali), Stefan Roos (ex Terroir, Thali, Kole and Deeg) and Sage Fell – have opened an exciting pop-up in Marrow restaurant on Loop Street. For three months only, the trio will be concocting a smorgasbord of global street food in this teeny venue (after which Marrow will revert back to a broth bar).

The vision

John has drawn on his vast experience (in two Liam Tomlin-owned restaurants) to create a space that “serves quality food at realistic prices”. And, with Stefan and Sage (his partner and a food-lover-turned-chef) as his righthand people, he’s done so with aplomb. “Our main aim is customer satisfaction,” he says. “As such, we cater to all dietary requirements.” (That’s brave in a city like Cape Town, which has the highest per capita rate of vegans and gluten- and sugar-intolerant people in the world!)

Global Street Food

Serving up a modest eight-dish menu that will change regularly, “our aim is to keep it simple and cut out any unnecessary complications,” he continues.

Diners can expect refined dishes, such as Sri Lankan dhal, linefish sashimi and Peruvian pork buns. And if you’re feeling hungry, the deep-fried chicken and fish tacos are sure to hit the spot. Paying homage to the venue, John’s included a beef broth, too.

“We loved the idea of doing a short-term pop-up – a ‘while stocks last’ kind of thing. That way, we keep things fresh and exciting.”

Running from February until mid-May 2019, this is one culinary experience you don’t want to miss. No reservations, so get there early.