Mochi Mochi: Tjing Tjing Torii’s Dessert Spot in the City

Mochi Mochi: Tjing Tjing Torii’s Dessert Spot in the City

For sweet treats, with a Japanese twist!

The first wagashi (Japanese sweets) salon has washed up onto our shores! From the passionate team behind Tjing Tjing, Torii, Momiji and the much-loved rooftop bar, this brand-new spot specialises in Japanese desserts and sweet treats.

A sweet collaboration

Mochi Mochi

Since it launched almost a decade ago, Tjing Tjing has been instrumental in awakening Capetonians’ taste buds to Japanese flavours we’d never imagined. Inspired by various trips to Japan, head pastry chef Adri Morel knew there was an opportunity to bring artisanal Japanese treats to the Mother City. That was the first step!

Recipe development came next – drawing on her travels and extensive research, Adri has developed a delectable list of recipes for various Japanese confections.

Mochi Mochi Cape Town

And finally, she needed a space – and a name – for her new baby – which happens to be right next door to Tjing Tjing, at Molten Toffee! And so Mochi Mochi was born, a decadent collaboration between the two!

Mochi MochI

Mochi Mochi Tjing Tjing Menu

Mochi is a popular Japanese treat made from glutinous rice (bear with us) that’s pounded and moulded into the desired shape. We don’t have a South African equivalent, but the delicacy is loved for its sticky, squishy and elasticky texture. Mochi comes in a variety of flavours and is often filled with sweet ingredients, such as traditional red-bean paste, fruit, custard or ice cream.

Mochi Mochi Menu Cape Town

Alongside a range of truffle-sized mochi, the salon also serves fluffy Japanese cheesecake, dorayaki (red-bean pancakes), mitarashi dango (rice dumplings in a sweet glaze) and milk bread sandos (sandwiches). There are also miso sticky buns, melon pan, daifuku doughnuts, cheesy anpan and more. Warm and cold beverages, to be enjoyed with your desserts, will be prepared courtesy of Molten Toffee.

Sweet dreams!

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