Schoon Manufactory: Same Stellenbosch Favourite, Different Creative Space

Schoon Manufactory: Same Stellenbosch Favourite, Different Creative Space

Stellenbosch’s much-loved bakery is back with a bang on Bird Street.

When Schoon De Companje left its famed hub on Church Street at what is now De Oude Bank Bakkerij to move to Somerset West, Stellies locals (and hungry visitors) found any excuse to commute to the neighbouring hamlet for their cappuccino-and-croissant fix. And while the drive is easy and doable, we’re over the moon to announce that Schoon is back in its hometown – with two brand-new spots, to boot!

The new concept, Schoon Manufactory, opened on Bird Street on 9 June, and houses a bustling bakery, as well as a patisserie and kitchen, run by co-owner Chanelle Schoon. Bird Street isn’t currently a foodie or retail hub, which is why the Schoon decided to take a chance, and broaden foodie horizons in the area. “It’s time to explore the possibilities that the town has to offer. That’s why we’ve decided to put a shop and café in this production space,” says co-owner Fritz Schoon.

The new café-bakery is inspired by a traditional French baker’s shop, where diners can enjoy exquisite patisserie in view of the kneading, folding, whisking and icing taking place in the same communal space. “We’re bringing all our skills into one centralised space,” explains Fritz. “It’s still the same team from the Oude Bank Bakkerij days, but we’ve grown our capacity. I’m at the bread-shaping table again, and now we have space to move around in, which is fantastic!”

Schoon Café

Schoon de Companje Stellenbosch

Complete with free parking, a front-row seat to the baking team working their artisanal magic, and a wonderfully intimate space in which to enjoy your favourite confectionary, the Schoon Manufactory Café offers an organically driven menu full of seasonal, locally sourced produce.

And while experimenting with some exciting new dishes, the sought-after classics (such as the famous scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with slow-roasted tomatoes and smoked bacon; Croque Madame; and brioche French toast with roasted apple, brie, buchu syrup and clotted cream) are, of course, still the order of the day.

Schoon Croissant & Coffee Bar

De Companje Stellenbosch

If you’re craving all the Schoon deliciousness but are too busy to take a pause, fret not. The bustling courtyard at De Wet Centre (just off Church Street) is home to another Schoon project! The Schoon Croissant & Coffee Bar opens on 18 June.

“I’ve always loved that nook,” says Fritz. “The craziness of life doesn’t leave much room for slow living and this little corner is going to allow people to savour something handcrafted and in their busy day.”

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Opening times Tuesday – Friday, 7am – 3pm
Saturday, 8am – 3pm
Sunday, 8am – 1.30pm