Tjing Tjing Torii: Wow-Factor Japanese Street Food

Tjing Tjing Torii: Wow-Factor Japanese Street Food

There’s more to Japanese cuisine than sushi and saké…

Tjing Tjing’s four-in-one emporium on Longmarket Street in the innercity is a cornucopia of Japanese food, culture and art. On the ground floor is a brightly coloured street-food joint, whose Harajuku-inspired decor and an impossibly irresistible electro-indie playlist are a good indicator of what’s on the menu: a palate-popping extravaganza of umami-drenched tastes and textures.

Tjing Tjing House

Open from 12pm until 10pm, Tjing Tjing Torii serves everything from ramen and yakitori (skewers) to rice bowls, tebasaki (chicken wings) and modern versions of classic Japanese confections, such as mochi truffles, mitarashi dango and fluffy Japanese cheesecake with miso caramel. But it’s their moreish gyoza that we are currently craving!

Wake me up before you gyoza!

Tjing Tjing Gyoza

A type of Japanese dumpling, gyoza are similar to potstickers but have thinner wrappers and more finely chopped stuffing than their wonton counterparts.

Naturally, the made-in-house ones at Tjing Tjing are utterly delicious, and available on all three levels (Torii, Momiji Lounge and the rooftop bar). We recommend the chicken and togarashi (Japanese chilli powder); mushroom and sesame (in a spinach-juice-coloured wrapper) for vegetarians; and the spicy lamb parcels – all served with chilli oil, black vinegar, togarashi and spring onion.


Please note The Momiji lounge takes reservations (; Torii and the rooftop bar operate on a first-come-first-served basis.

About Tjing Tjing Torii

Tjing Tjing House Torii

The Tokyo-inspired space, a joint concept from owner Ilze Koekemoer, head chef Christi Semczyszyn and pastry chef Adri Morel, was born out of the trio’s passion for Japanese culture and cuisine, which led them to visit the country to see, smell, taste, touch and absorb as much of the local culture as they possibly could.

Armed with lorry loads of inspiration, reams of recipes and mountains of newly acquired knowledge, Ilze, Adri and Christi opened “a little slice of Japan in the city centre”.

Opening times Torii: Tuesday – Saturday, 12pm – 10pm
Rooftop bar: Tuesday – Thursday, 4pm – 10pm
Friday + Saturday, 12pm – 10pm
Momiji Lounge: Tuesday – Saturday, 5pm – 10pm
Contact 021 422 4374,
Address 165 Longmarket Street, CBD, Cape Town

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