Unframed ice-cream parlour opens in Cape Town

Vegan-friendly scoops and deliciously creative flavours at this Mother City hotspot.

It seems like every 10 seconds, a new restaurant opens in Cape Town… One such spot is Unframed, which has been causing quite a stir, with its range of exciting flavours, including several silkier, vegan-friendly offerings, a Cape Town first.

Located along trendy Kloof Street (just next door to Molten Toffee), the understated Unframed Ice Cream – owned by the passionately hands-on Yann Rey – was conceptualised after he and ice-cream master, Stéphane Augé, began engineering new flavours and recipes together.

Using the best ingredients and ice cream-making equipment, balanced recipes, and a very scientific approach, Unframed is out to strike the sweet spot: that delicious balance between sugar, water, fat and air.

Flavours, toppings and more

If you like classic gelato, go for the dairy option. Lactose-intolerant customers and vegans will love the sorbet (no dairy) and vegan (coconut milk-based) alternatives. And whichever you choose, make sure to add a delicious topping. We loved the Pink Pralines Swirl and Cardamom Dark Chocolate; there’s even a superfood one – Raw White Mulberries!

One for the vegans

Yann felt ethically obliged to include vegan options, but says he’ll only push those flavours if they taste good – which they really do!. Something else that sets his parlour apart from your average ice-cream shop is the fact that the Lab is in full view, so everybody can watch the process, and what goes into the ice cream. This honest approach is clear from the moment you enter Unframed, and stays with you long after you’ve left.

Fabulous flavours

Before you tuck in, the ice cream comes in a cup or cone (one, two or three scoops). But you might want to try the Tasting Flight (a choice of five flavours)… Trust me, you won’t regret it! These are the options:

  • Vegan Jasmine Rice Lemongrass
  • Vegan Matcha Tea
  • Burnt White Chocolate
  • Speculoos (Nuttikrust)
  • Hazelnut and Almond Pralines
  • Vegan Chocolate
  • Sea Salt Chocolate

Opening times Monday – Sunday, 11am – 10pm
Ice-cream R32 (1 scoop)
R54 (2 scoops)
R65 (3 scoops)
R75 Tasting Flight (5 flavours)
Contact 063 601 0287icecream@unframed.co.za
Location Unframed Ice Cream45C Kloof Street, Cape Town