Viande Restaurant at Grande Roche Hotel: Country-Style Dining in Paarl

Viande Restaurant at Grande Roche Hotel: Country-Style Dining in Paarl Charles Russell

Pete Goffe-Wood heads up Viande, a country-style nose-to-tail eatery at the elegant Grande Roche Hotel, which also hosts a refined cocktail bar.

The iconic Grande Roche Hotel, declared a national monument in 1993, has long been considered an integral part of Paarl’s identity. Now in the hands of Paarl natives Hansie and Theresa Britz, the establishment will host a new restaurant and cocktail bar – the product of a collaboration with celebrity chef Pete Goffe-Wood. This is part of a revamp that will seek to enhance the hotel’s role as a centre of village life, while preserving its old-world elegance and countryside charm.

Getting to the meat of it

The restaurant is Viande, which is the French word for ‘meat’, giving you a good idea of what culinary direction to expect. “Viande will be country-style with a nose-to-tail menu”, says Pete, with special attention being given to local produce. The existing herb garden will be expanded with vegetables to provide a “proper kitchen garden”.

As well as being chef-patron of the restaurant, Pete Goffe-Wood will be involved in the hotel’s food and beverage operations, including weddings, special events and conferencing.

Viande will occupy the entire floor of the hotel’s main building, with overhanging chandeliers and a fireplace enhancing the grand old-world atmosphere. It will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with Sunday brunch on the cards as well. Set against the backdrop of the majestic Paarl mountains and vineyards, it’s sure to be a transportative dining experience.

Sundowners in the countryside

The hotel will also host a cocktail bar, which is sure to be a popular after-work drinks spot for locals, as well as an appropriately sophisticated setting for hotel guests. Innovative tapas dishes, along with an expanded range of drinks, will be on offer. Brandy will receive special attention at the bar, thanks to Paarl’s status as one of the world’s best producers.

The surrounding vineyards will also receive some attention from the new ownership, with wine production being overseen by Bertus Fourie at Under Oaks, a local estate that is now a sister property to the Grande Roche.

“The new facilities will open the hotel to beyond our overnight guests,” says long-time director Johann Bouwer. “We look forward to welcoming our Paarl friends back to the Grande Roche when the hotel re-opens.”

To book your table, contact Grande Roche at the details provided, or book through DinePlan.