Get your Organic Meat at Frankie Fenner Palmyra Junction

Get your Organic Meat at Frankie Fenner Palmyra Junction

This so-hip-it-hurts butchery in Claremont sells some of the best biltong in the land.

As more people want to know where the food they eat comes from – the sustainability of its production, whether it’s organic and antibiotic-free, it’s no surprise that an organic butcher shop fills a growing gap in the market. Frankie Fenner Meat Merchant (FFMM) prides itself in providing meat that has been reared by farmers who produce healthy and happy animals, which in turn give us flavourful organic meat.

After the success of the original branch in Church Street (that’s since closed), Frankie Fenner opened a branch at Palmyra Junction in Claremont in October 2015. The Claremont store is fresh and airy, with cool illustrations on the walls. Just like its predecessor, FFMM Palmyra Junction is all about friendly and efficient service that goes beyond just giving you your requested piece of meat. The staff offers advice on the best pieces of meat for any occasion, and they will point you in the right direction whether you need some meat for a braai, a Sunday roast, a stew or a sandwich.

Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants

Why organic?

The reason that free-range meat tastes so good is because the animals roam freely, thus developing muscles that translate into more flavourful meat. In addition, being free of unnecessary antibiotics and growth hormones ensures that the animals grow up naturally and healthily, which enhances the succulence and leanness of their meat.

How does FFMM know that the meat it’s selling you is organic? It has hand-picked farmers who supply the meat it sells. It deals directly with the farmers, thus shortening the supply chain and ensuring sustainably and ethically produced meat ends up in its store ready for you.

And the rest…

Other than organic beef, lamb, pork and chicken products, FFMM also stocks a variety of preserves, pantry essentials and meat byproducts either made by them or sourced from local artisanal producers. These include olive oil, bacon jam, free-range eggs, artisanal sausages, fig-and-red onion marmalade, green-fig preserve, and loads more.

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