Wasted! The Mount Nelson Presents a Chef’s Table With a Twist

Wasted! The Mount Nelson Presents a Chef’s Table With a Twist

It’s not about getting sozzled with one of the top chefs in the country…

You know the Cape Town foodscape is shifting when kimchi appears on every menu, and words like “seasonality”, “locavorism”, “foraging” and “fermenting” are tossed around as commonly as “sautéed” and “steamed”.

Indeed, the nose-to-tail (and root-to-stalk) movement has taken the Mother City by storm, with Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel’s executive chef Rudi Liebenberg a longtime commandeer of this worthy (and surprisingly delicious) brigade.

Not a scrap goes to waste

Chef Rudi Liebenberg

Rudi has created a scrumptious five-course menu entirely from unwanted and “fashionably rejected” parts of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish used in the hotel’s kitchen. “We are rediscovering the whole product, and maximising its use to appreciate it in its entirety. What we really cannot use? Well, we have a worm farm for that,” he laughs.

So, what exactly can diners can expect from an elegantly discarded meal? Carrot-top pesto, charred leeks and lettuce-leaf cold soup, trout-scrape tartar, and trout tempura made from the collar of the fish – that’s what! In addition, stalks from cauliflower and broccoli are turned into atjar (a spicy condiment), ginger trimmings and buchu are used to create refreshing cordials, while discarded peels and rinds are made into jams and preserves.

The Wasted! At The Chef’s Table five-course menu is available at lunchtime from Monday to Saturday, and costs R395 for the entire meal, including a fruit cordial and a shot of kombucha. In this exciting menu, chef Rudi has created a food journey that diners are sure to remember, talk about, and Instagram long after the meal is over.

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