Coastal Foraging Courses in the Veld and Sea 2018

Coastal Foraging Courses in the Veld and Sea 2018

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The Cape’s tidal pools are crawling with an abundance of edible treasures…

The hunter-gatherer concept is hardly a novel one, but have you noticed how much airtime it has been receiving in gourmet circles of late? Nature, it seems, is the primary source of inspiration for chefs, who are looking to the forests, fields and oceans for fresh ideas and revelations from the flavours, textures, and colours that abound outdoors. From Michelin-starred chefs and master mixologists to home cooks, everyone, it seems, has taken to foraging! So, if you’re keen to try your hand at it, read on.

Coastal Foraging in Summer

Foraging expert Roushanna Gray hosts a series of coastal foraging courses that are aimed at learning, exploring, and sustainably foraging the unique ingredients that our southern oceans have to offer.

Your day starts on the beach, where you will get to delve into the freshwater tidal pools, hunting for edible seaweed, mussels and other gems. Sustainability is the order of the day, and ingredients will only be foraged if they are prolific, can be sustainably harvested, or are invasive to the area.

Once your bounty has been collected, you’ll head to the Veld and Sea classroom at Cape Point, where you’ll help prepare a beautiful outdoor lunch. (Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of a seaweed face mask in between your meal prep!)

If you’d like, collect some extra seaweed to take home and preserve, using methods learned on the day. You’ll leave with a set of notes that include species identification, recipes, and tidal charts, so that the next time you go on a foraging excursion, you’ll be all set.

What to Bring

The following items will make the foraging process easier:

  • clothing and shoes suitable for the beach and rock-climbing
  • a mollusc permit (available at your nearest post office)
  • a bottle of water for the beach
  • a drink of your choice to enjoy with lunch
  • a camera (for photo enthusiasts)
  • and a healthy appetite, of course!
Diarise the following dates for upcoming coastal foraging events
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A beach in the Southern Peninsula (TBC), and the Veld and Sea Classroom in Cape Point