Full-Moon Rides around Cape Town’s CBD

Full-Moon Rides around Cape Town’s CBD Chris Hitchcock

Every month at full moon, Cape Town cyclists take a fun ride around the city.

A few years ago, Daniel Graham and Elad Kirshenbaum started a social experiment on Twitter – #moonlightmass – which many of you might remember. Each month at full moon, cyclists (or anyone with a bicycle, actually) would gather at the Green Point Circle at 8pm – except for midsummer (November – February) when it is 9pm – on full moon to embark on a communal ride around the CBD.

The event grew quickly, and soon over 2 000 riders were taking part, but the sudden growth caused logistical problems with the last #moonlightmass ride happening in 2014.

Enter Critical Mass

Critical Mass Capetown decided to resurrect this fun, community-centred social event, keeping the name #moonlightmass with the blessing of the original creators. Each month at full moon, fellow riders meet at Green Point Circle at 8pm, and follow the route from Granger Bay Boulevard through Mouille Point and Three Anchor Bay, culminating in Long Street for a fun end to the evening.

There is loads of free parking around the Green Point Circle and on Somerset Road. And, if you need to hire a bicycle, the Critical Mass Cape Town Facebook page has a list of rental companies that you can contact.

There are four simple rules (that should be applied every time you hop on your bicycle):

  • Wear a helmet
  • Use reflective gear
  • Switch on your light
  • Obey all traffic rules

Diarise these dates for upcoming 2018 Critical Mass full-moon rides:

  • 25 September 2018
  • 24 October 2018
  • 23 November 2018
  • 22 December 2018


25 September 2018


8pm – late (March – October)
9pm – late (November – February)






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Time of publication: 12 July 2018

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7 Responses to “Full-Moon Rides around Cape Town’s CBD”

  1. Helen Dekock

    What is the total distance please?

  2. Bantu

    Please send me a list of email’s of the organisers of Moonlight Mass

  3. Irvine

    The rides are being organized by Critical Mass Cape Town

  4. #moonlightmass

    It’s time to say goodbye to #moonlightmass
    3.5 year later, close to 40 rides, a fair amount of challenges and a huge amount success, it is now time say goodbye.
    #moonlightmass has changed the face of non motorized commuting in Cape Town and has brought people from all walks of life to enjoy cycling and exploring the city once again.
    The Sea Point Promenade is now open to cyclist once again, this would have not happened without #moonlightmass and the support we received. There are more cycling shops, bicycle rental companies than ever before. Restaurants, bars and coffee shop have enjoyed the benefits of the micro economy that grew around #moonlightmass.
    More and more cycle lanes are popping up around Cape Town. The City now has a better understanding the value of non motorised transport and is working to achieve a bigger low carbon commuting community.
    Looking back over the past few years, seeing how much #moonlightmass has accomplished and achieved for the cycling community, we can say our job here is done.
    This would have not been possible without a few people who understood the core value of #moonlightmass and put their time and energy to support us in the fight to keep it going month after month;
    Helen Zille, Patricia de Lille, Alan Winde, Beverley Schafer, Jacques Weber, all our volunteer medics, Olympic Cycles, Think Bike SA, PPA, Future Cape Town, and the entire #moonlightmass community
    Ride on, be safe and enjoy our beautiful City

  5. Martin oliver

    When is the first ride in 2016 – i am in Cape Town for a holiday over New Year

    • The Inside Guide

      Hi Martin

      It seems the events are no longer being organised by Moonlight Mass. You will need to contact them (their contact details are provided on the right hand side) to find out who is organising the rides now.

      Good luck.

  6. Teresa Pepler

    Okay I take my 12 year old boy?