Sight-Seeing Boat Trips + Fishing Adventures Around False Bay

Simon's Town Boat Trip

Learn to fish with the pros, or simply bob along leisurely and scout marine life, on an exciting boat tour of the Cape coast.

There’s something wonderfully immersive and exhilarating about being on the open ocean. Unobstructed scenery, the wind in your hair and sea spray on your face, time away from real life, and the occasional seal popping its head out the water in a playful greeting.

Living in Cape Town, and being surrounded by the multi-faceted ocean, means we are fortunate enough to be able to witness the wonders of our city from the sea. One such place to do so is the versatile False Bay coastline, stretching from Cape Point in the west all the way towards Cape Hangklip in the east.

All you need to do is pick a tour that suits you: whether you’re a fishing enthusiast or are looking to learn the ropes… Or you’d simply prefer to sit back and photograph the marine life and stunning surrounds, Cape Boat Charters has a trip designed for you.

About the tours

Cape Boat Charters Fishing

Based in Simon’s Town, Cape Boat Charters environmentally friendly boat tours and sustainably conscious fishing charters offer a variety of exciting, interactive trips suited to a variety of tastes and occasions.

All tours allow for groups of up to nine people at a time (subject to social-distancing regulations applicable at the time of the tour). They come with snacks and refreshments, bait and tackle (for the fishing options, an experienced guide and a photographer (optional), who can document your trip on a CD for you.

Please note All trips are subject to weather conditions, and minimum numbers.

Tour options

Cape Boat Charters Trip

Visit Cape Point by boat

What is it 2-hour boat trip along coastline to Cape Point.
Cost R1 200 per person
R5 500 per person (private hire)
Time Daily (weather permitting)
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Scenic marine eco-tours

What is it These 2-hour trips take you around Cape Point and Seal Island, where some 70 000 Cape fur seals perch on a small island or frolic playfully in the water below. It’s also home to great pods of dolphins, penguins and cormorants. Occasionally, whales and rare pelagic birds (such as the shy albatross) can be spotted. Two orcas (named Port and Starboard) have been sighted frequently in False Bay recently!
Cost R1 200 per person
R5 500 per person (private hire)
Time Daily (weather permitting)
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Inshore fishing

What is it Catch yellowtail, which is abundant in the area due to the array of small baitfish, as well as katonkel and snoek at Cape Point, or inside False Bay when reef fishing. You’ll also be in for a show, as seabirds swoop down and compete with the game fish for their food. Also found here, “Cape Snoek,” is peculiar to the Cape’s southern coast and can be caught on baited hooks, jigging or spinning. Anyone who has done this before will know the excitement of a snoek-fishing frenzy is extreme!
Cost R2 800 per person
R10 500 (private hire)
Time Daily (weather permitting)
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Offshore fishing

What is it For those keen for some deep-sea excitement, the nutrient-rich waters, 32 – 48km off Cape Point attract yellowfin, longfin, skipjack and big-eye tuna during certain months of the year (November to May), a result of the coming-together of the Benguela and Agulhas currents.
Cost R3 500 per person
R13 500 (private hire)
Time Daily (weather permitting)
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Time of publication: 03 September 2020