Haute Cuisine Social Dining, Courtesy of DINE4SIX

Haute Cuisine Social Dining, Courtesy of DINE4SIX

Meet new people over a few plates (and many glasses) of the good stuff.

The general consensus at the table on the evening I attended a DINE4SIX event was that most of the people there were looking for a new experience. “Experiences” and “authentic” are the buzzwords of the moment in the travel and hospitality industry – two terms that DINE4SIX have incorporated in its social-dining events. Although the concept of social dining isn’t new at all, the DINE4SIX platform allows you to filter events by city, depending on the one you’re looking to dine in (currently in Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg, Miami, Dublin, Dallas), which is where the newness comes in.

So, if you’re a foodie (be it casual, serious, or wannabe), DINE4SIX is an authentic new experience to add to your to-do list.

How does DINE4SIX work?

In a nutshell, DINE4SIX organises get-togethers at top restaurants through its app or website. As the name suggests, dining experiences are limited to six people, so they’re intimate and comfortable. At a glance you see the upcoming events (that you can filter by city), the restaurant, type of cuisine, price, date, and the number of people that have signed up for each event. Prices vary between R350 and R2 000, depending on the restaurant, of course, and each city has a few events happening every week. Events normally start at around 7pm for 7.30pm, and once everyone has arrived, the festivities commence.

So, what was dinner with complete strangers like?

Truly authentic, to be honest. I got to know people outside the age range, ethnicity and culture of my immediate social circles, and we laughed, told stories and made jokes, and really had a blast. The only thing that was missing was the Come Dine With Me narrator’s voice! It’s something I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for a new experience, have denounced Tinder as a dating platform, or if you’re travelling to any of the six cities DINE4SIX currently operates in, and you’re not keen to dine alone.

But, what about the food?

Dine4six Dining Experience

The DINE4SIX event I attended was held at Villa 47’s critically-acclaimed Pierino Penati – the only Michelin-starred restaurant in South Africa. We enjoyed a five-course wine-paired tasting menu, which was absolutely exquisite. The sommelier, Dominic Bodenstein (aka my new best friend), really knows his stuff, while Michelin-starred chef Theo Penati’s accolades speak for themselves. The service was stellar.

The food was memorable, but it was a tasting menu… so don’t starve yourself the entire day in anticipation of a “five-course” dinner.

Check out upcoming events on the DINE4SIX website, download the app via your smartphone’s app store, or subscribe to their newsletter.

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Time of publication: 03 April 2018