Horse-Ride Through the Lush Landscapes of Tulbagh by Moonlight

Horse-Ride Through the Lush Landscapes of Tulbagh by Moonlight

Make hay while the moon shines…

The lush meadows, forests and vineyards of the Cape Winelands are especially serene when experienced on horseback. That’s, of course, if the horses are well-behaved and provide a leisurely ride – which they do at Horse About.

Owners John and Jo Lister are true horse people, with a wealth of experience in working with horses, including so-called “problem horses”, whom John has successfully re-trained. The services they offer include:

  • Guided horse trails that cater to all experience levels (including children)
  • Paddock experience for children aged up to 6 years
  • Horse-riding by moonlight (only available from November to April)
  • Romantic horse rides with a picnic or sundowners
  • Equine interaction, where those unable to ride horses can help groom and feed them (the terrain is wheelchair accessible)

Peaceful Pastures

You’ll be pleased to know that the horses at Horse About live in a herd environment, with large paddocks and plenty of freedom to roam. For horse lovers, the sight of these majestic beasts grazing peacefully in the meadows as you approach is a heart-warming sight.

So, if you’re looking for an outdoors activity that’s as fun as it is relaxing, saddle up!

Good to know The charming town of Wolseley is nearby and well worth a visit. You also have the option of staying overnight at some of the fine establishments located in the area, such as Arum Lily Log Cottage and Log Cabins, and The Riverstone House.



De Heuvel Farm, R46 between Tulbagh and Wolseley Wolseley Western Cape


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