Murder Mystery Dinners 2018: Where Killers Get Their Just Desserts!

Murder Mystery Dinners 2018: Where Killers Get Their Just Desserts!

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Thrilling entertainment and a multi-course meal are on the cards at these exciting events.

Lovers of mystery novels and whodunnit movies are in for a treat at these murder-mystery dinners hosted throughout the year at different Cape Town restaurants – at the end of which the murder culprit will be revealed.

How it works

Once you have booked for one of the dinners, you will receive an email a week before the event with information about your character (personality, profession and background). At each table there are eight characters (suspects), while inspectors (the organisers of the dinner) walk around, offering clues and facilitating the process.

A minimum of two is required when booking: you can get a few friends together to form your table of eight, or you can join some strangers to make a group. On arrival, you are offered welcome drinks (which would be for your own account) during which the dead body is discovered (no staged crime scene, as that would be a little too grim), and the mystery party begins. Clues are presented with each course and, by dessert, the murderer is revealed.

So go ahead and book your table! Someone has to solve these dastardly murders.

Murder Mystery Calendar for 2018

Halloween Special: An Enchanted Nightmare

The last will and testament of Dr. Jack Ripper is set to be unveiled, and as per his final request, all beneficiaries are required to attend one last dinner at his estate before the event. After gathering in the library for drinks, guests suddenly start feeling drowsy.
They lose consciousness, and wake up to find the dead bodies of some of their fellow guests scattered throughout the mansion. Is this a hangover from hell, or does their host have something hellish in store for them?

Date Friday 26 October
Time 7.05pm
Dress code Halloween Theme
Dinner Three-course meal, and a mystery to solve
Venue Knife Restaurant, Crystal Towers, Century City
Cost R450

Halloween Special: The Haunted Masquerade

You have been invited to attend the birthday masquerade of one David Cohen, in a Venetian castle he recently inherited from his estranged father. Rumours abound that the castle is haunted, but guests think nothing of it…until the lights suddenly go out, and the host disappears under mysterious circumstances. Prepare for a murder mystery in a venue beset by paranormal activity…

Date Saturday 27 October
Time 6.30pm for 7pm
Dress code Masked 1920’s
Dinner Welcome drink, four-course meal, and a mystery to solve
Venue La Petit Manoir, Franschhoek
Cost R600


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Time of publication: 19 September 2018