SUPYoga in the Camps Bay Tidal Pool – The Inside Guide

SUPYoga in the Camps Bay Tidal Pool – The Inside Guide

Camps Bay Tidal Pool is just one of the settings for these unique yoga-and-SUP experiences.

Love yoga and the beach? Then, why not combine the two in a relaxed but thorough workout? With SUPYoga (Stand Up Paddling Yoga) you can perfect your balance and breathing while having fun in the water.  

What’s SUP?

Instructor Bianca Bartho, who has been practicing different styles of yoga for several years,

offers classes to a maximum of three, depending on your level of experience. This means that everyone – from novices to advanced yogis – can get in on the action.

It’s best to wear swimwear – with shorts or leggings if you want to avoid the sun’s rays. And although Bianca does her best to ensure you stay dry, it’s a good idea to wear something you don’t mind getting wet (including your sunglasses!). GoPros and cameras are allowed with, but these should have waterproof casings.

Bring your own board and paddle – or Bianca will supply you with the necessary equipment.

Strike a pose

The pace is gentle, as you learn to balance mind and body through meditation, breathing and postures (asanas). Postures are held to slowly release all tension, ease joints, and allow your mind to empty. Practising yoga like this is a great way of learning restorative poses.

Fair weather friends

Classes are weather- and wind-permitting, and take place at Bianca’s scenic outdoor studio – Camps Bay Tidal Pool – and other great aquatic locations, on request.

Each class lasts between one hour and 90 minutes, with the main class usually starting at 8am. However, Bianca is happy to accommodate earlier or later classes if it suits all concerned. On windless afternoons (which are sadly rare during our Cape summers), you can even enjoy a sunset class, between 6pm and 7.30pm.


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Time of publication: 19 December 2017