Water-Bike Along Simon’s Town

Water-Bike Along Simon’s Town

See a shipwreck and wave to the penguins (from a distance) on Cape Town’s first water-bike tour!

For centuries, The Cape of Storms has intrigued seafarers, explorers, cartographers, and the like, who braved our shores in the hope of discovering new lands and other treasures. Our coastline continues to fascinate, with young and old, visitors and tourists seeking new (and exciting) ways to explore the waters that surround our magnificent Mother City.

Hopping aboard a yacht is all very civilised, surfing is quite site-specific, swimming is tiring! But have you heard of water bikes? These fabulous hydro cycles have come to the Mother City and are making quite a splash!

What exactly are water bikes?

Bike on Water

Water Bikes are a fun and safe way to explore the waters – they’re silent (so they won’t scare away the fish), they don’t emit any fumes (so they’re environmentally friendly), and they’re pretty stable. All you need to do is take a seat, and pedal away, exactly like you would on a normal bicycle.

These water bike tours include a guided two-hour tour (R590) that takes you from Simon’s Town towards the African penguin colony at Boulders Beach or past Long Beach in Simon’s Town to the Clan Stuart shipwreck. Both routes offer spectacular views.

Top tips before you cycle on water

  • The tours leave daily at 8am or 11am and last two hours.
  • Departure times may vary due to the weather and, if it is considered too windy to ride, the tour will be cancelled.
  • Please contact Cape Town Water Bikes by 4pm the day before your scheduled tour to make sure they have your correct contact number and country dialing code.
  • Bring a change of clothes – you will get wet – as well as a lightweight jacket that might get wet.
  • Before your tour starts you’ll be given a safety radio, buoyancy aid and bottled water.

Please note You must be 13 years or older to enjoy the water bikes, and teens must be accompanied by an adult. There is also a minimum height requirement of five feet (one and a half metres) so that the pedals can be reached safely.


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