V&A Food Market: Over 40 Stalls at this Harbourside Hub

V&A Food Market: Over 40 Stalls at this Harbourside Hub

For a casual bite, this friendly market is the perfect place to refuel between shopping.

This vibrant market in the heart of the Waterfront is fabulous for shoppers looking for a quality, yet less formal, eating experience at the V&A. With over 40 vendors purveying their wares in the newly revamped building, you’re sure to find something that tickles your palate – from gourmet burgers and lip-smacking oysters to preservative-free smoothies, homemade ice cream, Namibian grass-fed beef biltong, and more.

A sea of scrumptious stalls

A significant upgrade to the market has seen an exciting crop of vendors joining its already impressive list. We’re currently craving:

Unframed Ice Cream

Unframed Waterfront Market

We called it ages ago, and the rest of the world cottoned on more than two years later, naming Unframed the Best Ice Cream in the World (according to Big 7 Travel). If you love the traditional dairy variety, there are flavours aplenty of delicate, smooth-textured ice cream, while vegans will be in their element with an impressive selection of ever-changing flavours such as Zesty Lemon, Beetroot Choc Ginger and Turmeric.

Hemazing Modern Indian and Tapas

Hemazing Waterfront Market

One of the latest additions to the market, Hemazing modern Mumbai street food has added fire and flavour explosions to the venue. Offering halaal, vegetarian and vegan dishes, owner Hema Laithwaite’s delicious food is appealing to most who walk by. Combining traditional Indian curries with tapas-style bites, Hemazing creates dishes like butter-chicken nachos and loaded naans – a must-visit vendor!


Royaltea Waterfront Market

Tea lovers, don’t say we didn’t warn you: one sip, and you might get addicted to these unique flavours. Owners Jacob McGowan and Lanty Zhou have brought this refreshing concept all the way from Guangzhou in China, and they are passionate about good ingredients and interesting flavours. Try a cup of classic bubble milk tea or an invigorating Japanese matcha. And if you’re feeling experimental, try their signature Cheese Tea made with a refreshing oolong tea base and topped with a light cream-cheese foam.

Lua Rice Paper Rolls & Asian Salad Bowls

Lua Waterfront Market

If you love Asian flavours, but are looking for healthier alternatives to traditional Chinese or Thai dishes, Lua ticks all the boxes. Rice-paper rolls or Asian salad-style dishes make the perfect midday meal (and there are even gluten-free options!), where shoppers first pick their base (either jasmine rice, rubbed kale or rice noodle), then add their protein, vegetables and sauce of choice. Switch things up a bit next time you grab lunch, and treat yourself to a kaleidoscope of Asian flavours.

Music to your ears

V & A Food Market

An ever-changing lineup of musicians gets things festive in the upstairs section every Saturday and Sunday, as well as on public holidays from 1pm until 4pm. So, pull up a chair, grab a bite and something cold to drink – it’s bound to be music to your ears.

The November 2019 lineup

  • Saturday, 2 November Dave Dale
  • Sunday, 3 November Plumsong
  • Saturday, 9 November The Professors
  • Sunday, 10 November Ernesto Latino
  • Saturday, 16 November Gordon Mackay
  • Sunday, 17 November James Cross
  • Saturday, 23 November Skye
  • Sunday, 24 November Leigh Hondy
  • Saturday, 30 November The Beautiful Hooligans

Next time you find yourself in need of a pitstop between shopping, swing by this marvellous market. Because, whether you grab a ready-made wrap/ steak roll/ ice-cream/ plate of sushi/ bag of biltong, to enjoy inside or at the outdoor tables – or you feel like browsing the stalls for quality ingredients to take home, you won’t leave disappointed.
Good to know The industrial-style space is ideal for group events where guests can use a voucher system to get a taste of everything.

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