Sample Some of the Finest at These Bascule Bar Whisky Sessions

Sample Some of the Finest at These Bascule Bar Whisky Sessions

Offering one of the largest whisky collections in the entire Southern Hemisphere, this harbourside bar is the perfect place to learn about the golden nectar.

If you’re a lover of peat potion, these Whisky Tasting Sessions are the answer to your every whisky need because over at Bascule Bar, they take their whisky very, very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they are offering aficionados two ways to taste it: the Shared Experience or the Connoiseur’s Choice.

That’s the spirit

You may think you know your whisky, but these sessions offer guests a unique opportunity to learn more about this ancient spirit, including its history, the art of distilling, maturing and, of course, blending it.

The hour-long tasting sessions include a selection of six 15ml whiskies; three of which will be paired with bite-sized sweet and savoury appetisers to enhance your sophisticated drinking experience.

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Because most things (especially alcohol) are more enjoyable when shared, the Bascule Bar’s Shared Experience tasting sessions are conducted in small groups (limited to 12 people). These informative, interactive and enjoyable sommelier-led sessions are by appointment only, and begin at 6pm (from Saturday – Thursday).

Wait, there’s more: Connoiseur’s Choice

If you’re a keen whisky enthusiast, already enjoying the finer malts, then perhaps the refined Connoiseur’s Choice – a personalised, tutored tasting experience – is for you.

During this session, you’ll be able to explore the flavours and aromas in some of the world’s most wonderful whiskies, which still honour age-old traditions while using more current whisky-making techniques. Again, tastings are by appointment only.

While too much of anything is bad… when it comes to good whisky, it’s hard to go wrong – and at the Cape Grace Hotel’s Bascule Bar, you know it’s the real thing…


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