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Are you one of those people who prides themselves on introducing your friends to the most-buzzed about eateries in town? Do you like sniffing out restaurant specials for every day of the week, and being first in line to the hottest events? With so much to do and see in the Mother City, it can be to difficult to keep your finger on the pulse. Thankfully, The Inside Guide’s newsletter of things to do in Cape Town is all you need to stay up to date and in the loop.

Every issue has something to offer everyone, from foodies and nature lovers to adventure seekers and bargain hunters. Whether you’re a local or a visitor just passing through, our Insider tips cover everything from new restaurant and event reviews, daily dining specials, top 10 lists, and interviews with Cape Town’s food and entertainment stars. So, what are you waiting for, get in on the Mother City’s hidden gems, handpicked by The Insiders.