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Welcome to Inside Guide, a hand-picked selection of the best experiences in the Cape.

We’re a team of passionate Capetonians committed to sharing the magic of the Mother City. Each day we sift through tons of information about new restaurants, events, galleries, markets, Winelands’ happenings, weekend getaways, and more, picking out only the best to share with our community. 

No establishment is too fancy or too insignificant for us: if something has heart, feels authentic, inspires or excites us, and makes us feel good, we want to share it with you! And while we’re often first with the hottest new restaurants and other openings, we haven’t forgotten about our long-standing favourites and hidden gems.

We’ve done all the research for you. Our write-ups are accurate and informative, accompanied by sharp photography and clean design, to give you a clear idea of what’s on offer. We also provide direct booking links for many of our listings.

Inside Guide does not publish negative reviews, so if we have a less-than-satisfactory experience at an establishment, we’d rather give private feedback to them directly than doing so on our public platform.