Bang K: An Artfully Modern Small-Plate Thai Eatery in Muizenberg

Bang K Restaurant

Adding fresh flavours to Cape Town’s burgeoning foodscape.

For his new Thai restaurant, chef Cheyne Morrisby could not have found a more fitting location. York Road in Muizenberg, lined with heritage buildings and fluttering flags and fairylights strung across the street, is a little like an atmospheric dining alley. It draws you in… and Bang K stands out, not only for its fresh and different offering but its moody interior.

It’s a small-ish space, like a dining room in someone’s home, with a long table down the middle (the same table repurposed from his first private-dining spot on Bree Street all those years ago), and smaller tables for two lining the walls on either side.

Bank K: Interior

With its black walls, flickering candelight and chandeliers, it feels inviting, gently cosy and mysterious. Shelves line one wall, filled with vintage ornaments sourced from markets by partner Danielle Oosthuizen, huge bottles of sake, framed drawings and Asian paperbacks. On the other wall is a gallery of black-and-white photo art above a row of leather banquettes. There’s a low-key glamour hinting that you’re in for something special here. 

It has been a labour of love for Cheyne and Danielle. Finding the space was serendipitous – “it was meant to be” – and they’ve done all the renovating and décor themselves. It truly represents their vision and where they are in their lives right now.

Thai with a twist

Bank K: Food

Cheyne, who spent many years cooking in Southeast Asia, has gone back to the source, as it were, with a simplified approach. His menu is based on the mother flavourings of Thai cuisine – lemongrass, tamarind, coconut, green chilli, galangal, ginger, lime – which he plays with in his unique style and with a modern approach.

Don’t expect noodles and broths, which is what most people associate with Thai food – it goes beyond that. It’s all about the taste combinations – not so much hot-spicy as sour and zesty – applied to fresh produce. “If I find great fish at the Kalk Bay harbour on a particular day, I’ll bring it back and make a dish.” Vegetables also get a chance to truly shine.

This is food in its original, “clean” form, celebrated with flavour. You won’t find foams and the like, or unrecognisable elements. What you will find are beautifully plated dishes in small portions – like lovely little gifts brought to the table – that are presented on the menu in four categories.

In the Thale (Sea) section, there’s tuna tataki with galangal, smoked tofu and lime leaf on a crisp taco-like base, or river prawn tempura with a green curry sauce. Under Thidin (Land), find roasted pork belly with classic nam jim sauce or massaman duck gyoza with tamarind.

Lok (Earth) offers miso-roasted cauliflower with fermented lemongrass and coconut kimchi, or a fresh summer roll filled with tofu, cucumber, daikon and mint. And for dessert, Hwan (Sweet) features a Dinso Road pancake (mango, coconut, condensed milk) or a banana and miso sorbet with apple spring rolls.

It’s a small, one-page menu, focused and tantalising, and ever-changing depending on what’s available and Cheyne’s creativity. 

One more surprise…

Bang K: Decor

In authentic Bangkok “alleyway” style, Bang K has a secret: a passage leading past the tiny kitchen to a fairylit outdoor courtyard and more tables, from which you can glimpse the sea. It might well be one of the most-sought-after dining seats in Muizenberg this summer – especially combined with Bang K’s creative cocktails.

Cheyne is excited about this new chapter in a new neighbourhood, and is hoping to collaborate with adjacent eateries and close off York Road occasionally for a buzzy street party (council permission pending). 

Whether that happens or not, they’ve brought something new to this enclave – and a renewed reason to head to the Deep South.

Opening times Tuesday + Wednesday, 5pm – 10pm
Thursday – Sunday, 12pm – 10pm
Contact 082 373 5045
Where to find it 2 York Road, Muizenberg, Cape Town

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Time of publication: 06 October 2023