Hokey Poké

Hokey Poké

Like its tongue-in-cheek name, this newcomer to the CBD doesn’t take itself too seriously, although the food on offer is straight-up, simple, fresh and delicious.

Poké is traditionally Hawaiian fare – fisherman would cut up and marinate their catch of the day to keep it fresh for longer.

Owner Max Botha fell in love with poké in Singapore and spent six months experimenting with ingredients and flavours before opening Hokey Poké (pronounced any which way you like) in February. The Original Poké (No. 1 on the menu) is typically Hawaiian – raw tuna, shredded kombu (seaweed), sweet onions, toasted macadamias (for texture and crunch) with a zesty, soy-based furikake seasoning and a bit of a kick – heaven in a bowl. There are four other menu items, as well as a weekly special, or you can build your own.

The decor is tongue-in-cheek too – a fresh white interior with Miami-Deco-meets-downtown-Tokyo touches. Pop in for a quick and easy lunch or linger longer in the evening when they turn down the lights and crank up the volume (don’t forget to bring your own tipple while they work on their liquor license). And look out for their downtown Saturday brunches coming soon… Oysters and champagne.

Opened February 2017