Honest Chocolate Café opens in Wale Street

Honest Chocolate Café opens in Wale Street Image credit: TGETHER

What started as a raw-chocolate shop has grown into a full-on café.

Before opening their raw-chocolate shoppe in Woodstock in 2011, founder Anthony Gird and his partner Michael de Klerk started their chocolatey journey selling handmade raw-cacao bonbons at farmers’ markets, health shops and alternative-food stores around the country.

As popular as the shop become in such a short space of time, the Honest duo always dreamed of opening a sit-down café. So in July of 2014, they actively set about raising funds for the new venture, selling chocolates wrapped in custom-designed paper, offering truffle-dipping workshops and chocolate-and-wine pairing evenings. And in December 2014, all their hard work and innovative ideas paid off when Honest Chocolate Café opened its doors in Wale Street – right next door to their shop.

Housed in the historic Commune 1 building – with its bay windows and dark wooden floors and door frames – Honest Chocolate lives up to its name in every way. The organic cacao beans are ethically sourced from Ecuador and turned into chocolate using old-school tempering methods, with the slabs then wrapped in ecofriendly paper designed by a handful of local artists.

The Café menu is inspired, serving up cacao delights to please even the most discerning raw-chocoholic. Think hot-chocolate organic truffles, chocolate pizza and ganache-smothered sourdough toast. And because Honest uses unroasted beans as opposed to roasted (which are full of sugar), the low-GI chocolate contains higher levels of antioxidants. The choccies are also free of preservatives and artificial flavouring, naturally. In addition to cacao-drenched treats, there are items on the menu for vegans, Paleo dieters and lactose-intolerant people. Not surprisingly, the coffee, made from locally roasted beans, is darn delicious too. Chocolate milkshake, anyone?