This tiny broth bar on Loop Street packs a serious punch!

It may be tiny, but Marrow restaurant is packing a serious punch, and is one of the most hyped new arrivals on the Cape Town restaurant scene in recent months. With its sleek and minimalist décor and utterly delicious line-up of deceptively simple dishes, it’s a winning combination that already has foodies flocking back for more.

Under the helm of chef Danielle Smith, Marrow is the real deal when it comes to broths. The owners, Dennis Williams, Jeanne Marais, Michael de Klerk and Anthony Gird (who also owns the Secret Gin Bar and Honest Chocolate), were inspired by a love of soupy things, partly due to a trip to Japan, mixed with the incredible health benefits of the humble broth, not to mention the sheer versatility of it… And that’s when the fun started – coming up with new combinations.

The food

The menu is simple, yet full of wonderfully delicate little surprises. The main components are four broths: Clear, White, Green and Brown. You either opt for a cup of broth, or a bowl – which means getting a jug of broth to pour over a delicious combo of carefully compiled goodies.

Clear has a bone broth and soya-sauce base, which is served with roasted chicken, chorizo, spring onion and julienned carrots. White comprises a vegetable broth with coconut milk, lemongrass and miso, which comes with roasted aubergine, tofu, turnip strips and basil oil. Green is a delicious dashi broth of broccoli, parsley and kombu, served with steamed white fish, leeks, tender-stem broccoli and fresh orange segments. And Brown is a mouthwatering bone broth with harissa, red wine and gochujang, served with tender venison, lentils, flaked almonds, Turkish apricots and zucchini.

New items are being added to the menu as we speak – such as the Golden Bowl (kimchi, turmeric quinoa, sweet potato and avocado with Asian bone-broth dressing). In terms of drinks, you better hold onto your hat. The aceso fire tonic health shot is a potent gut tonic (with gut-boosting ingredients galore, like garlic, chilies and ginger), while the gentler house-made plum shrub and cordials (served with sparkling water) are utterly refreshing.

Bowled over by the value

Marrow Soup

This is good, filling food – and at a good price, to boot. All the cups are R30, while the bowls are R65 and the drinks are R25 each. All ingredients are sourced from top-notch suppliers – for example, the springbok is from Ryan Boon, the chorizo from Richard Bosman, the bones from Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and the chicken from Red Barn.

Gut you covered

Got gut issues? You’ve come to the right place! Everything served at Marrow is focused on a promoting a healthy digestive system. Bone broth is a great source of bioavailable collagen, it aids digestion and improves nutrient absorption by sealing and protecting the intestines and extracting more nutrients from foods eaten with it.

Good to know Marrow doesn’t have a liquor license as yet, so there’s no corkage.
Opened August 2017
Contact 082 963 3534,
Opening times Monday – Friday, 11am – 3pm (lunch); Wednesday – Friday, 3pm – 8pm (dinner)
Location Marrow, 83 Loop Street, Cape Town