Seven Colours Eatery: SA Soul Food at The V&A Food Market

Seven Colours Eatery: SA Soul Food at The V&A Food Market

Multicoloured plates of goodness.

One of the latest additions to the kaleidoscopic offering of cuisines at the V&A Food Market is Seven Colours Eatery – a passion project of chef Nolu Dube-Cele that dishes up home-style South African plates that are as colourful as they are flavourful.

An Eastern Cape native, Nolu is passionate about (and committed to) celebrating the rich diversity of traditional South African food which, she believes, is often overlooked in contemporary dining.

In Xhosa culture, the term “seven colours” refers to a balanced plate of nutrient-rich, strikingly hued food (bright-red beetroot and yellow-coloured rice, for example) and by bringing this hearty soul food to the Waterfront, Nolu is serving a piece of home to her patrons.

A taste of home

Seven Colours Eatery Menu

Sound intriguing? Pop into Seven Colours (on the upstairs level on the market) for a multicoloured plate! Must-try items include vetkoek with mince and chakalaka; umleqwa (road-runner chicken); mogodu (some of the best tripe in Cape Town!) and a Seven Colour Plate with staple grains such as umngqusho (samp with sugar beans), umfino (maize meal, with chopped spinach, cabbage and potatoes) and amazimba (sorghum).

If you’re looking for something more meaty, the tshisanyama plate (braaied meat in a special BBQ basting sauce, with roosterkoek and a mix of salads) also comes highly recommended!

Seven Colours Eatery

Ukonwabele ukutya kwakho! (Enjoy your meal!)

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