Starlings Localé Adds a Spoonful of Edge to the ’Burbs

Starlings Localé Adds a Spoonful of Edge to the ’Burbs

This cool coffeeshop is where the suburban scenesters get their fix.

If you happen to find yourself in the quiet suburban streets behind Cavendish Square, follow the heavenly waft of sizzling bacon into Starlings Localé, a glowing-warm coffeeshop that happens to be the edgy sister of the ever-popular Starlings on Belvedere Road. I visited during the week and by mid-morning the small place was heaving, with work types enjoying the free wi-fi, bottomless cups of coffee fuelling intense business meetings, and the leisure set enjoying a late breakfast.

Locale Claremont

Parking is a bit tricky (unless you’re in an SUV and can mount the pavement), but once inside, your temporary irritation will subside. Dining solo, I opted for a seat at the street-facing counter, but you could also huddle at one of the tables or, if the sun is out, take a seat at one of the patio tables. Today, an elderly couple sits outside sharing a pot of tea, with a little dog on its master’s lap, making full use of the blankets provided.

Fresh and comforting 

Locale Shop Claremont

Localé offers simple and tasty breakfasts and lunch. Portions are generous, produce is fresh, and the food is delicious. I started my morning with a warm and creamy red cappuccino, opting for the herbed scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and extra avo on the tastiest toasted rye bread.

The laidback vibe does not mean the service is slapdash or inattentive; I was never left waiting to be served. The staff is friendly, chitchatting with the locals in between making sure everyone has been attended to. My drinks and food arrive promptly

The decor is cool and contemporary, with on-trend plants creating a natural vibe. Plus, there’s a mini boutique at the entrance to the restaurant that sells divine decor and clothing by local designers. We love the gold-pineapple-print tunics by Be True, and the cushion covers, cosmetic purses, and placemats by A Love Supreme!

We’re not sure how to pronounce it – Locaal or Locaal-ay? It doesn’t really matter, though, because it’s definitely going to become our local.

Open Monday – Friday, 7am – 5pm
Saturday, 8am – 4pm
Sunday, 8am – 2pm
Contact 076 368 1704
Location Corner Mark & Bishoplea Roads, Claremont