Tebaldi’s in McGregor: Chef Christiaan Campbell Regenerates an Old Favourite

Tebaldi’s in McGregor: Chef Christiaan Campbell Regenerates an Old Favourite

Contemporary country cuisine with sustainability at its heart.

Temenos is such an intrinsic part of McGregor; it’s hard to imagine a weekend there without visiting it. The restaurant and café are woven into village life, while the spiritual garden retreat, dreamed up and created organically over the years by Billy Kennedy, hosts weddings, workshops, retreats and restorative away-from-it-all downtime. Its focus has always been on nourishing body and soul, on sustainable living in all senses, so it seems like destiny that a celebrated chef who has long been an advocate for sustainability should join Temenos and reinvent the flagship restaurant, Tebaldi’s.

Tebaldi's In McGregor Dining

A new approach to hospitality

Known for his dedication to the ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients during his tenure as executive chef at Delaire Graff (2009 to 2014) and Boschendal (2014 to 2019), Christiaan was the driving force behind the beautiful organic vegetable gardens that supply The Werf restaurant at Boschendal.

When Covid struck, he took a deep dive into regenerative farming, studying how those principles could be applied to hospitality and people management, which led to the launch of Living Exchanges, a consultancy he started with his wife.

Tebaldi's In McGregor Chefs

It was as a consultant that Christiaan came to McGregor, after Billy’s partner, Michael Pettit, who ran the venues and food outlets, sadly passed away last year. “I knew Michael from the hospitality industry in the 90s,” Christiaan says. “I got married in McGregor 26 years ago and my family lived here until recently, so I always kept in touch. Billy contacted me out of the blue, to say he had new ideas to bounce off me. So I came up to offer my assistance in finding a chef and ideas for the restaurant.”

After two visits he was hooked, and decided to move to McGregor to take on the project himself, managing the whole hospitality offering, as well as Tebaldi’s and the casual Out of Africa café.

“Essentially I’m bringing sustainable regenerative practices to the sourcing of ingredients, the way the staff are managed, and creating a menu and environment where people feel nurtured, cared for and nourished. That’s our big focus.”

Inspiring country cuisine

Tebaldi's In McGregor Salmon

“We’ve kept the name Tebaldi’s but are offering a whole new experience. I call it contemporary, country cuisine and I curate the menu around what’s available closest to me.” That might mean salad leaves and herbs from a permaculture project in the village, free-range eggs and chickens from down the road, free-range pork from Swellendam, cheese and dairy from Ashton. The menu is short and constantly changing, according to what is freshest.

Tebaldi's In McGregor Pasta

So mead-glazed chicken breast, confit chicken and roasted artichoke, and Kalahari flank steak, gremolata, polenta, red onion and radish salad might be followed by a hot-chocolate pudding with dulce de leche and hazelnut praline. Bigger than tapas, but not quite main-course-size, the menu is designed for you to linger over two to four savoury dishes for a leisurely meal, or just a savoury and a sweet for a quick lunch.

A curated winelist

Tebaldi's In McGregor Bread

The Tebaldi’s winelist is also short and changes each month, featuring 14 wines, mostly from small wineries that take soil, people and community into account. “That’s my gauge,” says Christiaan, “a strong soil-health and people-health focus.”

So, put McGregor on your weekend destination list to catch up with Christiaan and sample his latest menus of contemporary country cuisine.

Opening times Wednesday – Saturday, 6pm – 8pm
Saturday + Sunday 12pm – 2pm
Contact 023 625 1115, temenos@lando.co.za
Where to find it Temenos, Voortrekker Street, McGregor
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