Sexy Socks: Well-Made Statement Socks That Give Back

Sexy Socks: Well-Made Statement Socks That Give Back

Make a statement with a pair of these impossible-to-ignore socks.

Famous for brightly coloured bamboo socks, Sexy Socks is not just a quality local brand – it’s a socially conscious one, too. Its mission? To provide every child in South Africa with a pair of socks to wear to school, as per founder Dave Hutchison’s vision. That’s why for every single pair of Sexy Socks sold, a child in need receives a pair of school socks, too.

More than just socks

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Sexy Socks are not just eye-catching, they’re also super-soft, as they’re made from bamboo, which is kinder to the environment, antibacterial, and also hypoallergenic. There’s a new range of Cotton Socks that are just as comfortable, breathable and durable; an Active Snood, perfect for running and cycling; and Sexy Jocks, one-of-a-kind underwear made from off-cuts.

Giving back

Sexy Socks Team Gives Back

In the past few months alone, Sexy Socks has donated over 15 000 pairs of socks to children who need them most, in partnership with organisations such as The Santa Shoebox Project, Chrysalis Academy, Just Grace and Round Table.

Shop online and in-store

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Sexy Socks are available for purchase all over the country – you’ll find them at most boutiques, markets, pop-ups and even food stores – and online at Superbalist or from the Sexy Socks website directly.

So, let your feet do the walking, and slip into a pair of these cool socks, knowing that your purchase will ensure that a less advantaged child receives a pair, too.

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