HintHunt at the V&A Waterfront: Escape Rooms + Other Real-Life Adventures

Hint Hunt Cape Town Marble Room

Put your thinking cap on and solve a conundrum.

Many stories in popular culture, whether in books or on screen, present a thrilling narrative of an escape plan in one form or another. No, you and your family and friends can immerse yourself in a similarly riveting adventure at HintHunt. 

Not only exciting and entertaining, these experiences are intellectually stimulating too, as they require you to solve challenging riddles, crafty puzzles and interpret clues in order to complete the mission – all within a specific time limit, which adds an extra adrenaline buzz.

HintHunt offers six different Escape Rooms (designed to reflect an imaginary location) and three Amazing Races, as well as an Outdoor Escape game. They’re open to groups of two to six people, and most last 60 minutes.

Be the superhero

Hint Hunt Cape Town Superhero

Put on your cape and boots and swoop in to save the day. “Marble” is HintHunt’s newest, flagship Escape Room, and it’s unlike any other – on a grander scale, with an extended time frame, where you are immersed even deeper in the story. A vengeful villain has wreaked havoc on Cape Town, and you are recruited by the Marble agency to use the few powers left to save the city.

Breaking the conventional mould, “Marble” presents a larger-than-life universe not yet seen in the industry – a fantasy hi-tech realm created by acclaimed set designers and conceived by Cobus Bosch (the mind behind some of the most exciting escape rooms). From the thrilling storyline and exceptional visuals and lighting to the intricate puzzles and jaw-dropping reveal, this is one experience you won’t want to miss.

Step into the story

Hint Hunt Cape Town Escape Rooms

The other five Escape Rooms offer equally intriguing themes and plots:

  • “Shipwrecked”: Board the lost ship of Captain Kalman to search for stolen royal jewels – before the storm hits and sinks the vessel.
  • “The Old Hotel”: Find Mr. O, a mysterious, reclusive author, who has disappeared from his room in a spooky hotel that’s about to be demolished.
  • “Escape Plan”: As inmates of a prison, you need to figure out the plan devised by former convicts in order to break out.
  • “The Cursed Treasure”: On an Indiana Jones/Lara Croft-style quest to recover hidden treasures protected by an ancient spell, you need to break the curse and escape, or be trapped forever…
  • Torpedo: You’re in a submarine and the enemy’s disappeared from your radar. You need to do what’s required to make a safe return to the surface.

Don’t worry, if you don’t solve the mystery in time, the helpful staff will come along and let you out. Or will they…?

Thrilling sightseeing

Hint Hunt Cape Town Amazing Race

To experience the V&A Waterfront in a new and exciting way, enter an Amazing Race game (as seen on TV). Teams compete against one another as they race around the Waterfront precinct in search of clues to complete their route, while tackling tasks and challenges.

There are three Amazing Races – one that visits all the iconic landmarks, one that takes in more of the scenery, arts and creativity, and one that goes off the beaten track to discover some hidden history and beauty spots.

Out and about

Hint Hunt Cape Town Games Outdoors

Through augmented reality and GPS technology, it’s also possible to enjoy the thrill and challenge of an Escape Room game outdoors, whether at the Waterfront or any other location of your choice. There are four game options – “Blackout”, “Magic Portal”, “Rogue” and “Operation Mindfall”. And even if your loved ones are far apart, there is an option to all join an online game called “Cold Case”.

HintHunt Africa opened its first escape room in 2013, kicking off the craze, and a decade later it’s a global leader in escape-room games. Come and experience it for yourself.

Operating times Monday – Saturday, 10am – 8.30pm
Sunday, 10am – 7pm
Cost R315 per person (60 minutes)
Marble: R395 per person (minimum 4 players, 75 minutes)
Amazing Race: From R150 per person (depending on number of players)
Contact 021 001 4215, capetown@hinthunt.co.za
Where to find it The Watershed, 17 Dock Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town
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Time of publication: 29 November 2023