Two Oceans Aquarium: An Immersive Showcase of 8 000 Sea Creatures

Two Oceans Aquarium: An Immersive Showcase of 8 000 Sea Creatures

No need to be a tourist in your own town. Annual membership to the Aquarium means you can visit every day – and keep out of the rain!

Home to over 8 000 living sea animals, which visitors can view in numerous inspirational exhibits and experiences, this one-stop destination of all things aquatic is, unsurprisingly, one of Cape Town’s premier tourist destinations. And for a mere R435, you can visit every day for a year – which is particularly appealing winter, when keeping out of the rain is a priority.

What’s on at Two Oceans Aquarium

Aquarium Waterfront Cape Town

Highlights include:

  • The 10-metre-long transparent tunnel through the I&J Ocean Exhibit, a massive tank holding around 1.6 million litres of sea water where sea turtles, manta rays and other creatures dwell.
  • The ragged-tooth sharks at the Predator Exhibit (because which kid isn’t fascinated by sharks?)
  • The Penguin Exhibit, where a colony of African penguins, as well as some rescued rockhopper penguins, make their home – along with some other marine birds and a small selection of freshwater fish.
  • The Touch Pool and Microscope Exhibit, where children can get up close with sea anemones, and use the microscope to see miniscule forms of marine life that are invisible to the naked eye.
  • The Skretting Diversity Gallery, where the meeting of two mighty oceans – and the magnificent array of life that arises – is showcased. Here, you’ll witness the difference between the kind of creatures that thrive in the colder Atlantic Ocean, such as the translucent jellies and octopus; and the more tropical denizens of the warmer Indian Ocean, such as the Aquarium’s very own Nemo (western clownfish).
  • The I&J Children’s Play Centre, where puppet shows, puzzles and age-appropriate books will keep the kids enthralled.

The denizens of the Aquarium’s many exhibits are fascinating at any time of day, but to see them at their most visceral, you’ll want to visit during feeding times.

Don’t miss Aquarium feeding times:

Two Oceans Aquarium Cape Town

  • Daily, 12pm (I&J Ocean Exhibit)
  • Daily, 11.30am & 2.30pm (Penguin Exhibit)
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Saturdays, 1pm (Kelp Forest Exhibit)
  • Sundays, 3pm (Predator Exhibit)

Please note These times are subject to change without notice.

Become a member for R435

If you have a predilection for all things piscine, it might be worth purchasing an annual membership. It costs R435, and allows you access the Aquarium 365 days a year! You can buy your Two Oceans Aquarium Membership online, or at the Aquarium, where you will receive your membership card and kit.

Membership benefits

  • unlimited access!
  • no queues
  • 10% off at the Aquarium shop
  • 10% off at selected food outlets in the Aquarium
  • 25% off Penguin and Ocean Experiences
  • 25% off scuba-diving
  • special rates for au pairs/nannies
  • free seawater for home aquarists
  • exclusive discounts for public events
  • members’-only events, such as sleepovers and behind-the-scenes tours


These rates valid until 31 March 2020:

Entrance fee
R185 (adults)
R140 (SA pensioners, SA students, children 14 – 17 years)
R95 (children 4 – 13 years)
Free (under 0 – 4 years)

R435 (membership, adults)
R335 (membership, SA pensioners, SA students, children 14 – 17 years)
R215 (membership, children 4 – 13 years)
Rates valid until 31 March 2020

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