Andy Fenner on Cape Town

The co-owner of Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants and Publik Wine Bar, 32, on the best coffee and cocktails in Cape Town.

I’m an ethical-meat activist.

I was you born and raised in Joburg, but have been down here since 2000, when I started studying at Stellenbosch. I just never went back!

What I love most about living in Cape Town is its potential. I think we are moving from the fishing-village perception into a real, global city that can compete on a world scale. To be part of the change is electric.

When out-of-towners come to town, I take them up Lion’s Head for obvious reasons. We wake up at 5am and we’re on top of the mountain by 6:30. It’s tough not to feel smug when you show someone that view of the city. Obviously a trip out to the winelands is worthwhile – there are so many top-class restaurants out there. Take your pick from Overture, Jordan, Bread & Wine, etc. If you want a good meal without leaving the city, Chefs Warehouse is my number one pick right now. If you’re lucky enough to be in the city over a weekend, do not pass Jason Bakery without getting a “doughsant”. A trip to Woodstock Exchange keeps the creative juices flowing and a coffee at Rosetta Roastery is the best you will find anywhere in town. The Book Lounge on Roeland Street is an incredible place to pick out some good reads and if you’ve got some cash to spend on some new gear I’d check out Smith & Abrahams, ShelfLife, A Store and Loading Bay. For a true showcase of cocktail culture get yourself to The House of Machines.

I love eating breakfast at Dear Me – it’s always good and I always end up ordering the Shakshuka. In Knysna there’s a place called East Head Café that makes the best battered fish around. Steamed buns at Hallelujah are solid gold and I never leave Woodlands Eatery disappointed – go for the salt-and-pepper squid and a burger.

I’m working on a little food event that is hopefully going to be launching this year. It’s about celebrating creativity and collaboration between chefs and leaving agendas and egos in the kitchen. If it goes well, we’ll be doing it three times a year.

We are spoilt when it comes to weekend getaways. I’ve done plenty of weekends away in knockout places like Robertson, Elgin, Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Greyton, Swellendam, Ashton, etc. But recently I discovered Adi Badenhorst’s farm in the Swartland, which has a tiny cottage on it that he rents out. Some of the best wine in the country? Check. Incredible views? Check. Peace and quiet? Check. Pool? Check. Plenty of surrounding mountains to explore? Check. And all of it is less than an hour away.

I’m a keen trail runner. Every time I find a new path on that mountain I feel like I’m crossing something off my bucket list…

The best coffee spot in town, besides Publik, is Rosetta.

The best walks in my area are the promenade – for a gentle walk, Camps Bay – early in the morning, but on most days you’ll find me on Table Mountain or Lion’s Head.

I think people who haven’t tried the Banting diet themselves should reserve judgement. I did it for a few months and it wasn’t for me. But I wanted to find that out for myself.

I discovered cider sours while dining in Shoreditch a while ago. My wife Nicole has been knocking them out here for us. Basically, its good bourbon, ginger syrup and cider. Easy to get the party started!

We’ve got some pretty cool plans for FFMM in 2015, which will hopefully see a warehouse/production space and at least one or two more retail stores.

On Sundays I do some exercise and spend the rest of the day with my dogs and my wife. We work six days a week so that day is precious.

Money is sometimes necessary if you want to make more of it.

Straight after this, I’m putting on my boots and a coat and deboning a forequarter of beef.

When I wake up in the middle of the night I am stressing about whether or not I remembered to cut so-and-so’s order, or if the delivery truck is coming on time the next day, or if so-and-so is going to be happy with the sample we sent him, or if we can fill all the private orders on time, blah blah blah.

One day I hope society will approach meat more responsibly.

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