Comedian Anne Hirsch on Cape Town

The actor, comedian and writer, 31, on bingeing, Banting and the Bake Off.

I’m often compared to Angelina Jolie… by myself.

In Bloemfontein born and raised/
On the playground was where I spent most of my days/
Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool/
And all shootin some b-ball outside of the school

What I love most about living in Cape Town is the relaxed vibe (people only work for, like, two hours a day), the endless coffee meetings that lead to nothing, the mountain, without which we would never find our way anywhere. And the ridiculous amount of craft beer bars that have popped up… do we really need so many? Yes we do! Never ask someone who lives in Cape Town what they love most about living in Cape Town; they’ll yak on for days!

When [Australian actress] Ruby Rose was in town we went to Alexander Bar on the corner of Strand and Loop Street, there’s a great little theatre upstairs. We fed the birds (and terrifying squirrels) at the Company’s Garden. And we had a long walk on the Promenade, which is looking super-swanky at the moment. Ruby wasn’t actually with us… it was just over the time she was in town.

The best restaurant meal I’ve eaten recently was the ribs starter at Jerry’s Burger Bar on Park Road. Duuuude, they are the killer!

My (other) favourite restaurants include:

  • El Burro – for food and vibe. Their Build Your Own Taco (goat or fish) is amazing. They’ve also got a great tequila bar downstairs.
  • Societi Bistro on Orange Street – gotta have the Poppy Evans spaghetti.
  • Kloof Street House – if you are feeling rich – is perfect. They have a little jazz band that plays on Sundays.

An annual Cape Town event I always attend is Up The Creek Music Festival. It’s just outside of Swellendam and it’s the best. Only 3 000 people attend and it’s honestly the funnest festival I’ve ever been to.

My favourite weekend getaway is Tulbagh. There are some beautiful houses to rent just outside town, if you’re wanting a great party weekend with friends. Also, there’s a nice theatre in town, which has some great shows.

On my bucket list to still do in Cape Town is ride on one of those red buses. But I figure if I never do it, I’ll always have something to do.

The best coffee spots in my area are Deluxe Coffeeworks and Vida e Caffè.

The last time I did exercise was in the 90s; I’m more of a “gentle stroll” kinda gal. I love the Promenade for people-watching. And you can rent bikes there, which is super-fun.

The Banting diet. Why?! Why would you do that to yourself?! I just don’t understand it, therefore I hate it.

My tipples of choice are beer and white wine – I’m pretty basic. I do enjoy a little spritzer though, makes me feel like a laaady! Also, defs using the word “tipple” more!

Three personality traits every good comedian should have are massive self-doubt, self-awareness, and a sense of humour can’t hurt.

The Anne Hirsch Show Season 4 is out on Youtube and I’m super-excited about it! It’s South Africa’s number one (s)talk show and it’s the best show in the world ever! I’m also co-presenting The Great South African Bake Off on BBC Lifestyle on Tuesday nights 8pm, which has been an absolute blast.

On Sundays I binge on series and beef jungle curry with egg-fried rice from Chef Pons.

Money is in Joburg.

Straight after this, I’m going to put on my pyjamas and watch Netflix.  

When I wake up in the middle of the night I assume I am under attack. I watch way too many scary movies and am constantly paranoid that some goblin is living under my bed.

One day is one day.

Check out what Anne does on her website.

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Time of publication: 24 November 2015