Comedian Rob van Vuuren on Cape Town

The actor-director-comic, 40, on where to get the best Gatsbys in Cape Town (and other crucial information).

I was born in PE, then we moved to East London. I went to high school in Pietermaritzburg and varsity in Grahamstown.

What I love most about living in Cape Town are Polony Gatsbys.

When out-of-towners come to town, I take them to The Golden Dish in Athlone so they can eat a Polony Gatsby and understand. The path to enlightenment begins with understanding…

My (other) favourite restaurants are The Kitchen in Woodstock. I always order the Love Sandwich. And I love the coffee shop by the BP on the way to Noordhoek for the chicken-and-red-wine pies.

Every year during the Cycle Tour and the Two Oceans I sleep late until I wake, and walk around in a koala-bear onesie eating ice cream from the tub. Then I binge-watch series until I fall asleep again.

My favourite weekend getaway is Aquila Private Game Reserve.

My favourite coffee is the Station Blend from the coffee shop by the BP on the way to Noordhoek…

My favourite walk in Cape Town is up Elsie’s Peak in Fish Hoek. I love going up the mountain with the family and our dogs.

I’m fine with the Banting diet, as long as you don’t bant on me. Or my Polony Gatsby.

My favourite drink is Fanta Grape… to go with my Polony Gatsby.

Three personality traits every (good) comedian should have are stubbornness, a sense of humour, and a sense of human.

On Sundays I thank God I’m an atheist.

Money can’t buy me love.

Straight after this, I’m going to eat a Polony Gatsby.

When I wake up in the middle of the night I have a pee and go back to sleep.

One day I’ll go to an actual restaurant.

My new stand-up show Life is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I can’t wait to see all of you there.

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Time of publication: 20 April 2016