A Series of French-Themed Dinners at Vine Bistro in Stellenbosch

A Series of French-Themed Dinners at Vine Bistro in Stellenbosch

Hearty French classics take centre stage at this cosy bistro this winter.

With travel restrictions still tying us down, chef-patron Christophe Dehosse’s “travel on a plate” series could not have come at a more opportune time.

Taking place at The Vine Bistro at Glenelly Estate in Stellenbosch throughout winter (until end-September), the French-inspired series will feature four iconic dishes, what chef Dehosse calls “must-try-once-in-your-lifetime meals”.

Mangez-vous français?

The Vine Bistro Stellenbosch Dinner Series

Thankfully, there’s no need to choose, as the four classic dishes will each star as a restaurant special for a week (Tuesday to Saturday, from June until end-September), giving patrons ample opportunity to savour them all.

1. Pied de port farci Stuffed pork trotters poached until tender, then roasted until crisp, and served with a charcuterie sauce, mashed potatoes and celery salad.

2. Lapin à la moutard Rabbit casserole with Dijon mustard and parsley sauce, served with celery purée and peas à la Française.

3. Pot au feu beef brisket, oxtail and shin, poached with winter vegetables, and served with gribiche sauce.

4. Quenelle de poisson sauce Nantua Fish mousse, poached and then baked in the oven, served with a shellfish sauce, pilaf rice and spring vegetables.

French Fridays at The Vine Bistro

The Vine Bistro Dinner Menu

What’s more, The Vine Bistro is hosting four special Friday feasts for the duration of winter, each of which will feature one of the four showstopping dishes.

Friday, 25 June
Starter Steamed leeks with parsley and caper vinaigrette
Main Stuffed pork trotters
Dessert Mont Blanc meringue with chestnut and chantilly cream
Cost R340

Friday, 30 July
Starter Cheese soufflé
Main Rabbit casserole
Dessert Profiteroles filled with vanilla-pod ice cream and hot-chocolate sauce
Cost R350

Friday, 3 September
Starter Truffled scrambled eggs in puff pastry
Main Pot au feu
Dessert Pears in red wine
Cost R520

Friday, 1 October
Starter Mussel soup infused with saffron
Main Quenelle de Poisson with Nantua Fish mousse
Dessert Strawberry tart
Cost R350

The Vine Bistro French Menu

If you’re looking for a flavourful gourmet meal that will transport you into the heart of countryside cooking, you’ve come to the right place! Chef Dehosse and his team have outdone themselves with a nuanced and delicately compiled menu of classics.

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The Vine Bistro
Glenelly Estate
Lelie Street
Idas Valley


021 809 6444

Event Information

Dates Favourite French dishes: Tuesday – Saturday

Friday evening dinners: 25 June 2021
30 July 2021
3 September 2021
1 October 2021

Time 6pm – 9pm

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