Farm Sanctuary SA: A Safe Haven For Rescued Farm Animals

Farm Sanctuary SA: A Safe Haven For Rescued Farm Animals

An idyllic farm setting that rescued animals can call home.

The image of the idyllic farm setting, inhabited by cheerful farm animals, is sadly not the reality in many cases. In truth, horrific factory farms – where mass production of animal products necessitates rampant cruelty –  haunts our food industry.

Even those of us who consume meat, eggs and dairy would not object to more ethical methods of procuring them, even if it put a slight dent in production? Yet many factory farms continue to get away with barbaric practices, as they implement them in darkened slaughterhouses, concealed from public view.

Farm Sanctuary SA has taken it upon itself to rescue animals from the cruelty of these factory farms, and place them in a safe sanctuary that resembles the Utopian farm settings we read about in children’s novels. At the same time, its members take the fight to factory farms by raising public awareness of the callous methods employed in order to positively inspire consumers to make kinder choices.

Meet the locals

Farm Sanctuary SA’s host of happy denizens includes some very interesting characters:



“When pigs fly,” the old saying goes. But what about when pigs paint? Pigcasso is the world’s only painting pig; and she sells her paintings for a tidy profit! Well, the farm sells her paintings, as Pigcasso seems content to spend the rest of her time sleeping, eating and rolling happily in the mud. She’s an artist, you see, she prefers to let other people handle the business side of things.



The dairy industry has no use for male calves. Well, they may not have seen any value in Baloo, but Farm Sanctuary SA did. He was rescued from the informal settlement on Route 62, where he was close to dying of starvation. Now he calls the sanctuary home, and has all the grass he can eat.

Visit the Farm

Admission to the farm is free, and you can visit seven days a week from 10am until 4pm. Interact with the peaceful farm animals, and perhaps pay a visit to OINK Gallery, where Pigcasso’s work is on display. Tours can also be arranged by appointment if required.

And should you wish to stay the night, enquire about Farm Sanctuary SA’s designer studio loft.

079 609 1393

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Time of publication: 02 March 2018

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  1. Lisa McLaughlin

    I was hoping to come visit on the 27th of June.
    is this possible? are the tours running that day.

    thank you

  2. Katuskia Klopper

    HI, we looking for piglet to become part of the family, we have a puppy Baloo who is a rescue and had my baby for 11 months now. We have 2 cats who are a year old who are also rescues, they are Anna and Elsa, so we would love to add another baby to our family please can you help me, i want a baby baby piglet so i can raise him/her as my own baby please.