Marc Lottering

Marc Lottering

The comedian and actor, 46, on his sausage dog Tina, jolling in Long Street, and his favourite getaway.

I am 46 most of the time; on Friday nights while out clubbing I’m 39.

The thing I love most about living in Cape Town are Capetonians. I am a born-and-bred Capetonian, so I will be in love with the people of Cape Town until the day I die. Capetonians always have the ability to laugh, regardless of how harsh life can get. Now of course people all over the world have the ability to laugh, but there’s just something unique about the Capetonian expressions and approach to life.

When out-of-towners come to town, I take them up Table mountain – otherwise I’d never get there. I take them to restaurants that have a view of the ocean, like Paranga so that they can assume I always live like that. I take them drinking and dancing to Joburg Bar in Long Street because I know they’ll insist on picking up the tab after a few shooters.

The best burgers in Cape Town can be found Craft Burger Bar in Sea Point. I haven’t eaten there yet, but my friend Russell owns it and he’ll kill me if he reads this article and I mention another establishment, like, say, Gibson’s at the Waterfront.

My dog Tina is a brown sausage dog, and way too old to be alive. She runs my life and stays alive simply to spite me. I love her with my entire heart.

On Sundays I get the newspapers, think about my life, open a bottle of whiskey, and wonder how I will get out of Monday morning meetings.

The last TV series I loved was Downton Abbey. I don’t have a favourite at the moment, simply because I don’t have the time to get into anything.

Oscar Pistorius must be so annoyed by that interpreter.

Nkandla is SA’s answer to the Playboy Mansion.

Straight after this, I’m heading to Starbucks for my caffeine fix, to absorb the London energy. [Marc is currently performing his one-man show in SoHo.]

One day is today – I am living my dream.

Money can be loads of fun. I want lots and lots of it. I hear that too much of it can make one unhappy? But that’s okay. I can be unhappy, sipping French champagne on my yacht…

My favourite getaway used to be Zanzibar. But I was recently introduced to Paternoster. Oh my gosh – the perfect getaway: quaint cottages close to the ocean, great restaurants, no e-tolls or people selling slat from the Dead Sea. Heaven… We stayed in a charming self-catering cottage called Die Pomphuisie.

  • Marc is always performing his brand-new show This is Captain Lottering Speaking all over the world for the next few months. Find deets at
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Time of publication: 16 April 2014

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