Marlene Wasserman (aka Dr Eve)

Marlene Wasserman (aka Dr Eve)

58, clinical sexologist, couple therapist and sexual rights activist, on the best smoothies in Cape Town, cyber infidelity and, of course, sex!

I love Cape Town for its graciousness and natural beauty, which bring me ease and aesthetic pleasure 24/7. I also love that I have all my children and grandchild in this same beautiful city.

When out-of-towners come to town, I take them everywhere outdoors, along the coastline, and to the usual tourist places – except the malls. I really dislike malls! I also always include a local theatre experience or opera at Artscape, so they get a sense of what’s on offer, culture-wise.

My best restaurant meals are determined by the company, not so much the food. A recent memorable experience was at Dunes in Hout Bay. The joy of my children and I in our coats, on the sand, playing with my 15-month-old grandchild was the greatest pleasure, incomparable to any food we ate (which was delicious by the way).

Other regulars on my restaurant list are La Boheme Wine Bar & Bistro in Sea Point, Willoughbys at the Waterfront (before a movie at Cinema Nouveau; I always eat fish or sushi). I recently went to wonderful art-and-wine pairing at the Winchester Mansions, and I simply adore the grace and beauty of Casa Labia in Muizenberg.

An annual Cape Town event you’ll always find me at it the Artscape Women’s Festival – and not just because I’m one of its patrons. Marlene le Roux, the educational/audience director of Artscape, is a visionary and has created this important space of activism and theatre for women around awareness of gender-based violence each for the past many years.

I am addicted to TV series and I’ve always got a few on the go concurrently. With my youngest daughter I watch Shameless, Orange is the New Black, Scandal and Girls. On my own I watch House of Cards and my favourite, Game of Thrones. I adore the intelligence of the scripts, the acting and the lavish productions I gain so much from immersing myself into this variety of human behaviour. I hardly ever watch TV – except for the local news and Al Jazeera.

Because I travel so much, my favourite weekend getaway is spending time in my beautiful apartment in Sea Point, doing day trips to Muizenberg and Kalk Bay and visiting my friend in Glencairn.

On my bucket list to do in the Cape is the Tsitsikamma Forest walk near Knysna. I would also like to do more beach and forest walks, and make time to attend every performance of the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra.

In my spare moments I spend time with my children, partner and friends. I dance – it’s essential to my wellbeing – and I gym and walk in nature. I also enjoy watching art movies and the Metropolitan Opera on the big screen, listening to opera and classical music. I read voraciously, and attending to all my social media spaces.

The best smoothies in town are from Nü in Sea Point.

My best after-work spots are Radisson Blu and The Twelve Apostles, which is just fabulous in winter.

My favourite walks are along Muizenberg beach in the early morning, with good company, and Noordhoek beach.

My favourite wine for a special occasion is Elana wine. I actually don’t drink, maybe a bit of champagne every now and again, but my special friend Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp recently launched a new wine.

The best book I’ve read recently is Cyberspace Romance: The Psychology of Online Relationships by Monica Whitty and Adrian Carr. I’m researching for my new book on cyber infidelity, so this is my primary reading material. I’m also reading It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens by Danah Boyd. I’m fascinated with the world of social media and its impact on our teens and our future relationships and sexuality.

The best movie I’ve watched recently is Miners Shot Down, a documentary about Marikana. I’m an International Sexual Rights Activist, so I’m a very keen political observer especially when it comes to events in South Africa.

I’m currently busy researching a book on cyber infidelity, utilising the database of, the largest online adult-dating site for married people in the world. I’m examining the attitudes and behaviours we have around this new form of cheating online. I believe it is the beginning of a new evolution in our sexuality and way of relating. I’m interested in what it says about modern day marriages and how we have to adapt to this new form of relating online. I continue to grow the Dr Eve brand and am about to launch our juicy new online e-commerce store,

On Sundays I dance, walk in nature, work, spend time with my family and rest.

Sex is what I talk, think, breathe and write about 24/7. What else is there in the world besides sex?

Straight after this, I’m going to soak in a bubble bath and read, wishing that my partner was waiting for me in bed.

One day I’ll live half the year in Cape Town and half the year in New York.

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Time of publication: 02 July 2014